Friday, March 14, 2014

My EPIK roommate came to visit!

My roommate, Angelica, and Julie came to visit me in Daejeon a few weekends ago. I took them to Eunhaeong-dong to go shopping. They of course loved it. It's my favorite area in Daejeon.

Our first stop was T-Shop.

We just HAD to try on hats and take fun pictures!

Then more shopping!

I LOVE the men's fashion here.

With Angelica...I missed her terribly!

Love those Korean clothes with wonky English.

Need any sparkly boxer briefs?

LOVE this place!

At the famous bakery in Daejeon, Sung Sim Dang

Look! You can wear pajama pants while riding a motorcycle!

Whoa! Check out those heels! Women wear heels like that often here.

Tomato - one of my other favorite shops

Check out the interesting English shirts...

I have a confession to make. I LOVE jewelry. I have acquired quite a few earrings since I have moved to Korea. I was tired of digging through my box of earrings to find matching pairs. So I found a craft box and organized all my earrings. Yeah! Now, I can find easily find them!

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  1. I loved shopping in Thailand. I love the way both Korea and Thailand have those alleyway type shopping environments...where the stores are not too big, and they're all surrounded by strange-named merchandise. I have a shirt with a A/E logo, but is tagged with some name, I forgot.
    I like the atmosphere of freedom..anybody can sell anything, it's great...very exciting.
    Also the food is always cheap, which is a plus.