Sunday, March 16, 2014

FuN at an orphanage

There is a group called Daejeon Cares, and they go go to an orphanage here in Daejeon every month. It was on my list of things I totally wanted to do, but I never seemed to get the invite on Facebook. My friend, Alicia, told me that they were going this past Saturday and invited me. I jumped at the chance. It turns out that there are actually 38 orphanages in Daejeon alone. So why are they so picky about who adopts? The requirements to adopt from Korea are:
- No single people can adopt
- Must be married at least 5 years
- No older than 45 years old
So even if I were to marry tomorrow, I still couldn't adopt from Korea. Boo Korea!

Meet Alicia!

This is Kevin, the organizer. Please tell me who you think he looks like!

I immediately thought that he looked like Scott Hamilton. Am I right or what?

Kevin started off the shabang by having us get into a big circle to sing a funny song. With motions.

Check out her Dickies shirt! Dickies is super famous here in Korea. Notice where it says it's from???

Then we organized into groups, one group going outside to play Frisbee and one group staying inside to play games. I chose inside since most of the volunteers went outside. We got to play with the little ones, which is just fine by me!

Chris had brought his Angry Bird UNO cards, but the kids didn't really know how to play since they were too young. So they proceeded to get cards, look at them, and then make funny faces.

Then I made up a game to throw the cards to see if they landed between a person's legs. That lasted about 5 minutes. Then they started running around the room with the cards.

This little dude was a ham. And he was a kicker and a hitter and a puncher. He hit Chris right in the face. Ouch!

Then they started running around the room yelling "POWER!" and doing fist pumps. They were so funny!

This little girl reminded me of my friend's little girl, Kylie. She had THE cutest smile and personality. If I could have taken her home, I totally would have.

Sadly, Korean's laws for adopting are pretty strict. You have to be married, and you have to have been married for at least 5 years. Oh, and you can't be more than 45 years old. Well....that leaves me out. Thanks Korea. Guess I won't be adopting from you.

Aaron came and began the the whole "pick me up and spin me around" thing. That was a big hit.

Running around the room....

Playing with Chris...

Playing the piano

Playing the drums

Oh my gosh. I want her!

Alicia with the littlest one

Our theme of the day was Mardi Gras. Alicia organized a mask activity. She brought construction paper, decorations, and even feathers. Oh, the feathers...

So we cute the feathers into smaller pieces. And look at what happened. Feathers. Were. Everywhere.

My sweet friend, Sarah, sent some gummy plastic bugs in a package a while back, and I thought the kids at the orphanage would love them. Boy, was I right!

My cousin, Kelly, sent some great big heart 3D heart stickers. The girls (and boys) loved them!

Kelly also sent many Mardi Gras beads. Perfect timing! I had just gotten the package 3 days before going to the orphanage. Sarah had also sent some beads a while back, so I had a lot of beads for the kids. Even the little ones like the beads!

Showing off his frog. He LOVED LOVED LOVED these bugs. Just'll see more of him and his bugs.

Can I have her? PLEASE? I promise I'd be a good mom!

 Even the volunteers made masks...

He LOVED his beads. Can you tell?

Showing off his rubber snake

Chris and a young boy had a feather fight. It was a mess all over the room (not because of the fight but just because). There were feathers in our hair. There were feathers on our sweaters. There were feathers on our socks. There were feathers on our coats. Alicia even found a feather on her coat 5 days later!

Here he is again with his beads and his bugs.

I think those bugs and beads MADE his day. Thank you Kelly and Sarah!

We had a little parade for the kids to show off their masks, but many of them weren't quite sure what to do. It took a little or a lot of prodding.

These are my ears from Halloween that I brought.

Doesn't he look adorable in them?

Yep, he got even more beads.

She was such a pretty girl. Sweet too.

After playing and singing and mask-making, we all headed downstairs to the cafeteria for pancakes, tomatoes, bananas, bacon, and orange juice. Yum!

Pancakes and chopsticks? I chose to use a kiddie fork instead.

It was such a wonderful experience, and I was able to cross something off my Korean "bucket list". I totally plan on going again. And falling even more in love with some of them...

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  1. I once ate an American breakfast in thanks. I'd rather spare myself the blasphemy.

    "Pancakes and chopsticks? I chose to use a kiddie fork instead."