Monday, March 10, 2014

Fantabulous day with the deer in Japan

Years ago, I had a girl named Ashley in my 4th grade class. The year afterwards, I had her brother, Justin. Their older brother, Jason, would come and help me set up my computers in my classroom. Jason is actually living and studying Japanese this year in Tokyo and was planning on being in Osaka the same weekend I was. So...we decided to meet up and hang out.

I had to take a train from Kyoto to Osaka. The train people liked Sesame Street. And that made me happy. :)

Waiting outside for the train...

Met up with Jason at this really cool shopping center, and we got to take some lovely Japanese pictures.

Jason asked me if I wanted to do a regular city tour of Osaka or do a unique type of tour out in the country with animals. What do you think I chose?

Of course....the unique one with the animals!

We took a train out to Nara, which is about an hour away from Osaka. It is home to hundreds and hundreds of deer who roam freely about the park. You can buy deer "crackers" to feed them, and they literally eat right out of your hand.

We went in an underground tunnel, came out of it, and was met with this sweet deer.

The deer KNOW when you have crackers. And they will follow you. It's so funny to watch!

Just a baby...

Deer were everywhere!

"I'm hungry. Let's see....that chain looks good."

"Yep. Quite tasty."

This baby was blind in one eye

It was beautiful here.

Todaiji Temple

There is a huge Buddha statue inside the temple.

The true size of the Buddha's hand

You can see if you can "fit" in the Buddha's nostrils....this hole is the size of the Buddha's nostrils, and it's a big deal to see if you can fit through it. Um, no thank you.

This guy almost got stuck.

Creepy. Creepy.

Heading up the hill to a shrine

There were many stairs

At the top of the hill/mountain overlooking the city

"Hey. You got anything to eat in there?"

"Oh yippee!! This lady has some crackers!"

I had a lot of fun feeding them. And I tried to even it out and even give the quiet, shy one a cracker.

Love this tree. How beautiful.

I am SO glad I chose the unique tour. I absolutely LOVED this place! This day will be one that I cherish. Thank you so much Jason for bringing me here!

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