Monday, March 17, 2014

CRaZy Korean experience!

There are literally NO words to describe the experience that my friend, Julie, and I had on Saturday. Maybe two words. Crazy and indescribable. It ranks right up in my top 3 experiences of Korea. 
Julie had met a girl in our neighborhood that wanted an English-speaking friend. So Julie and I met her at Starbucks today. She brought a friend as well. Conversation was normal for the first 30 minutes. Then they proceed to ask us if we are into religion. After saying that I am a Christian, they proceed to tell us about their church, the World Mission Society Church of God. She brings her Bible out of her purse and tells us about the heavenly mother, which foreigners have never heard of before. As soon as she brought her Bible out, Julie and I knew what they conversation was about. She then asks us Julie to read aloud several specific verses in Revelations, Galations, and Genesis, showing us that the heavenly mother is in the Bible. I have no words. Julie and I can't look at each other without laughing. I took notes because I wanted to remember what they said and hear if any of my Christ-following friends and family have ever heard this. They were very adamant and pushy and unbending.
These are some of the main points we heard:
- They pray to the heavenly father AND the heavenly mother.
- The heavenly mother is the wife of Jesus.
- The second coming has already happened in Korea because it comes from the East.
- Revelations 22:17 refers to the Spirit and the bride...aka the heavenly mother...also Revelations 21:9
- Water of life comes from the heavenly mother and father
- Heavenly Jerusalem in the Bible is referred to the heavenly mother
- Eloim means Gods in Hebrew and was mentioned about 2,500 in the Old Testament.
- Many foreigners have been converted to their religion because they have never heard of the heavenly mother before.
After that, they wanted to bring out their iPad and show us a presentation. We said that we had a movie to go to. They of course wanted to meet with us again.
Later after our "movie", we actually ran into the one of the girls again. She wanted us to go with her to the church right then OR meet up with them tomorrow.
Please know that I am not in any way or form bashing this religion. I know what I believe. And I am very convicted on what I believe.
Afterwards, Julie and I researched this religion because we just couldn't believe what had actually just happened to us. We learned that one lady high up in the religion actually calls herself the heavenly mother, and that many people say this is a cult. All I know is that I have never before in my life heard anything like this. And I certainly didn't expect to hear about it in Korea.
Thoughts? Insights?

If you would like to read more about it, check out these sites. If you are anything like me, I couldn't wait to get home and research this crazy group. It turns out that many Koreans look at them as a heresy and call them a cult. Many people have sold their property for this group and people have gotten divorced because of it.

One of my friends was approached in the same way here, and this is what he said: I did some research online later--some of it is pretty scary

Some of the places hold events with 'Free Korean Lessons' for the sole purpose of taking pictures with foreigners for the press

Then they can advertise themselves as a church with many foreign followers or converts.

I would love to know what you think!


  1. I have just learned of this; I can't bring myself to say the word.....religion because it all just seems to wrong. I work at a community college, and have been lucky enough to be blessed by so many amazing young adults. It breaks my heart knowing that one of these amazing young adults has been brainwashed by this cult. I am looking for information on this organization, and their methods used. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much