Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beignets and a ferris wheel in Osaka

After Nara Park, we stopped in a shopping area in Nara for souvenirs and a bathroom break.

And look what we found? Daiso!

Bathroom break at McDonald's. Beautiful baby grand piano inside...I've never seen a McDonald's with a fancy piano like that. One guy was even asleep there. He was really relaxed.

Check out the high chair! I think this was the same high chair from when I was little back in the 70's.

Right outside the station at Nara

Jason says the Japanese have a knack for falling asleep on the train and waking up at the precise moment they need to get off the train. This gentleman fell asleep while reading his book.

The Lion King was playing in town, so we decided to take the chance on getting tickets since Jason had never seen it. However, it was all sold out. Sad face...

I have never seen so many people in the make-up, skin care, and perfume section. And SO many make-up and skin care and perfume stores!

The awesome ferris wheel in Osaka

So. Many. People.

We couldn't see the Lion King, so we went to the theater that is popular in Osaka. It's an all women theater, and the women play all the parts. Jason says it's great fun. There wasn't a good show that night so we chose not to go.

 A very interesting-looking McDonald's...I went inside for the bathroom, and practically every single table was taken. And the primping area in the bathroom was just as big as the actual bathroom. Jason says that the guys bathrooms in Japan are crazy because all the guys are primping big time.

The line to order...

Wow! Check out what we found! Cafe Du Japan! I live in the next state over from Louisiana and have never been there. But I got to eat their amazing beignets and drink their chocolate milk. Now I really want to go to New Orleans and visit the real thing!

After the beignets for an appetizer, we went to a little Italian place for dinner. It was really good. Then we decided to go ride the big ferris wheel.

The Hep Five ferris wheel is on the 7th floor of a big shopping mall. So we had to walk through the cute stores to get to the top.

Heading into the ferris wheel...

It was SO cool! The red colors were amazing in the night sky. So pretty. We were high off the ground, especially when we got to the top.

We just HAD to check out the Disney Store on the way back down!

Can you guess which one I wanted? I'll give you a hint....."Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?"

More posters for the women's theater group.

 I had a great time in Japan, and I'm so glad I went. I'm so grateful Jason was there on the same weekend and showed me around. Thanks Jason!


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  2. "I have never seen so many people in the make-up, skin care, and perfume section. And SO many make-up and skin care and perfume stores!"
    Yeah it's funny.. tons of whitening makeup too... ;)