Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The joys of getting to Koh Samet

We got up early to travel to Koh Samet.  It was a LONG travel day.

We kept seeing this guy's picture on advertisements.  He's quite cute, isn't he?

Waiting for the sky train...

Corn lover ice cream?  GROSS!

From the sky train, we walked to the bus station.

The bus ticket lady was SO cute!

Our "beautiful" bus...

Um, clean it much?

At the port, where we got tickets for the boat to the island.

Rolling our suitcases along the rickety bridge (it had a lot holes to look down into the water).

Loved this little doggie family!

How. Cute. Is. That?

Getting onto the boat

The dude lugged our suitcases across

While we walked across on this very safe board

Arriving at the island

Getting off the boat

Interesting statue....

Riding in the back of the green taxi truck to get to our hotel

Along the dirt roads with HUGE pot holes

Bridget found a hotel online (but you can't reserve just show up), so we were dropped off in the middle of NOWHERE to find this place.

And had to carry our suitcases over rocks and tree roots.  Very unsteady terrain.

But then you get to this.  But, they were full, so I stayed there with the luggage while Bridget hiked over the rocks to find another hotel.

The dogs LOVED the beach.

And one came to sit right beside me.  :)

She finally came back after receiving some help from some women from the Netherlands.  They recommended another hotel not far.  Check out those rocks we had to carry our suitcases over.  Fun.

As I'm struggling with my suitcase, Mr Gay McSteamy (he was there with his boyfriend who was not near as handsome) comes along and offers to help.  He literally picks it up and carries it all the way on his shoulders.  So nice!

After a LONG day of traveling, we finally find a room at this "hotel" resort, where we had our own cabin.  We were greeted by the all the cats that live there.

More of Koh Samet later!


  1. Hi! Which "hotel" did u stay at whilst in Koh Samet? Were there alof of cats around Koh Samet? Sorry I had to ask as I have phobia of cats. Planning a trip to Samet in Aug. Your help would be deeply appreciated.

    Thank You.


    1. Melissa, I'm honestly not sure. We were on the more remote part of the island and had to do a little hike over rocks and such to get there. I'm asking my friend to see if she knows the name of the place. Unfortunately, there were quite a few cats around the outside lobby. If you don't like cats, I wouldn't suggest staying there. We found most of our hotels by using Trip Advisor and going by the reviews. We were never disappointed.

    2. Thanks Angela! :) I'm looking into Le Vimarn, Sae Kaew Resort, Samed Villa and Ao Prao Resort. Did you happen to chance upon them during your stay in Samet? Did you manage to tour around the whole island or you were only at that part of the island through out your stay? Just wondering if there are plenty of stray cats around Samet island as a whole.
      Sorry with all the questions. Really appreciate you answering them.

      Thank you once again! :)

  2. I hear you. It was not the nicest. What you should have done was drove straight down the rd, all the way down. Then park in that last parkinglot by the guards, then walk down that main rd. There's a bunch of nice hotels over there, for 90$ a night, with a "private" beach.

    Course, I'm sure yours was half the price. we did stay in one for $45 a night but after I saw cockroaches in my bed we left that place ;)

    1. Cockroaches in your bed? I would so not be able to handle that.