Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Romantic" nights on the beach with Bridget

Bridget and I had lovely "romantic" nights on the beach in Koh Samet.  Our first night there, we ate dinner at our resort.  There was a gorgeous full moon and dogs laying at our feet.

On our second night, we decided to eat at another place down the beach.  So we took a stroll on the beach with the gorgeous full moon guiding our path.

Is that gorgeous or what?

Instead of eating at a regular old table, we ate on a blanket right on the beach.  The waves were lapping up on the shore, and the moon was bright in the sky.

As we were eating, children with 6-packs came out and entertained us with fire.  Um, I guess they don't have child labor laws.

There were sparks landing on our blanket, at our feet, and pretty much right beside our food.  Safe?

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  1. There it is, cool. Yeah I got some slow motions of those guys. Also there were some little kids doing it too. One was 6!
    I loved it.