Thursday, February 27, 2014

Long weekend in Japan - Kyoto

I had a 4-day weekend and decided to just live in the moment and fly to Japan. I am SO glad I did it.

I flew into Osaka and then took the train to Kyoto for 2 nights.

You could buy a homemade lunch right on the street.

Nijo Castle

Sorry. You know me and dog pictures.

A Chinese parasol tree - they were exposed to the atomic bomb

Nishiki Market - this one part was dark and closed, and I was worried that everything was closed.

But then I got to this part of the market, and it was bustling with people and fun shops.

Doggie shirts

I found this awesome vintage thrift store that was recommended in the travel books. I loved it.

Look at some of the awesome treasures that I found!

I LOVE scarfs, so I bought a beautiful vintage scarf.


Next stop....Osaka!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time. I feel like I could live somewhere like that for several years. I am serious...since I've been to Korea..etc.. and I loved it. I haven't been to Japan though, but it looks nice.
    The markets always make me feel more alive. Just walking around and looking at all of that stuff makes me feel better as a human. Idk how to describe it.

    Like I remember this one guy, he was older, and he was a Chinese tourist in Thailand. And we don't even speak the same language and I just go over and help him with his Selfie taking - he was having some issues- ... it's just, idk, A very cool cool experience.