Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Instagram around Thailand

I have been having trouble uploading my pictures from my Samsung phone to my Mac, so I haven't been able to include any of those pictures.  So I decided to do a whole post on Thailand, only using my Instagram photos.  I just LOVE Instagram!  Don't you?


Koh Samet

This kitty LOVED me.

Elephant Nature Park

Chiang Mia - my FAVORITE food.  I had it 3 times when I was there.

Cafe...the little dog "mascot" at my favorite restaurant with the above food

See?  I told you... I'm back again!

Before you freak out...NO, that is not my foot.  It's Bridget's.

At the airport

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  1. Looks like you went to Koh Samet. HAHA. That was the island I went to. The fire dancers was the best part; I hope you got to enjoy that.