Monday, February 24, 2014

I {puffy heart} Chiang Mai!

McDreamy has been to Thailand and gotten an Armani suit...

He was just drumming away

 Motorbike anyone?

I took a random alley and went exploring.

Now back to the main center of town

Starting about 5:00pm, vendors would put out their goodies in the town square.

 At my favorite restaurant...

Poor little dude really wanted out

Fish still alive...

Night night


The meat market

Boy, did it stink! no words...


I brought my Swiss friends from the resort to my favorite restaurant. They thought I was from England because of my accent.  LOL! The owner, Ian, is the one in the middle, and he was asked their help to translate French and Italian comments on Trip Advisor for his restaurant. He was the nicest guy.

The courtyard is beautiful.

I found a used book store, and it made me so happy.

I got a foot massage, and she was the little girl of one of the girls that worked there. Adorable.

We went to this elephant museum where you can pain your own elephant. Sadly, we were too late for the painting class. Boo.

We ate at THE coolest restaurant in Chiang Mai. Bridget and I sat on a big porch swing while we ate dinner.

And my dinner was fab-u-lous. Bacon and chicken wrapped asparagus.

Can I go back again?  PLEASE?

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  1. Looks like I didn't miss much then. Pretty much the same as Bangkok and surrounding areas...I'm not so such about the air quality up was kind of bad in Bangkok. Next time I'm there though, I plan on going to Chiangmai for the coffee, or at least ordering it from there. I had some great beans from a place down by Chon Buri.
    If you ever go back, go to an island; it's a thousand times better than the mainlands...they are all swarming with tourists though...mostly from Europe & Russia.