Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Exploring Chiang Mai!

I loved, loved, loved Chiang Mai.  What a great city!

Take a look around my resort.  Isn't it beautiful?

Our cabin....reminds me of the home in Swiss Family Robinson.

I called it Thai Paradise.  Wouldn't you agree?

There are 3 dogs that live there...and I loved them!

Duchess came with me when I walked to the main road to catch the bus into town.

She stopped here.

A temple on the way into town

This dog was tied to the pole, but at least he had shade.

Where I waited for the bus

The market

Yeah, um, this little booth gave me the willies.

This poor little guy wanted out SO bad.  I wanted to buy him and then go release him into the wild.

These poor fish were still alive, flapping and trying to breath.  Made me sad.

Pig feet anyone?

Yeah, let's leave the meat and head into the flower area.  Much better smells.

They LOVE their flowers here.

She was misting the flowers with water.

I'm not a big roses girl, but these were beautiful.

I should have bought myself some.  They were so pretty.

Now leaving the market and heading into the main part of town...

I passed by a school, and the kids were always out in the courtyard.

The main part of town...well the touristy part...

Until next time...

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  1. Idk if you went to Bangkok and their King's palace, and temple..those things are cool.