Saturday, February 15, 2014

Backtrack to Koh Samet

I found some pictures on my 2nd camera that I forgot to include on Koh Samet.  So here you go...

This is our resort.  Beautiful, isn't it?  Can I go back?  Like...NOW?

I loved this sweet dog.  Poor thing had some skin and eye issues.  You could easily tell that he was blind in one eye and going blind in the other because of some nasty oozing infection.  He was so sweet and loved to be petted.

Yes.  We are so awesome.

Getting lunch at the dock while waiting for the bus...

This. Guy. Was. Awesome.  Simply awesome.  Just check him out.  And the best part was that he walked in his boots like he was a little girl walking in mommy's high heels for the first time.  What a character!  Bridget and I just loved him.

Another "awesome" bus...

Poor Bridget had to use the bus bathroom.  Yeah, don't ask...

At the airport, we found English books AND magazines.  I desperately miss English books and magazines.  You don't know the things you will miss until you can't have them anymore.

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  1. "This is our resort. Beautiful, isn't it? Can I go back? Like...NOW?"
    Yeah I remember where you're standing. They had some nice places. I hope you saw the fire dudes!