Friday, February 21, 2014

3D Art Museum fun

A friend of a friend had recommended this 3D art museum, Art in Paradise, in Chiang Mai.  I had a couple of days on my own, so I decided to check it out.  It was awesome...although I wish I had gone there with a friend so we could have taken funny pictures together.

Luckily, I met some nice people who took a couple of pictures of me.  Thai people are so nice!

Yes, I am smiling as Jaws is about to eat me.  Did I ever tell you that I LOVE Jaws?

And when someone wasn't there to take a picture of me, I took a selfie!

, I swore this was a real wallet that someone had dropped on the floor.  Nope.  It was 3D art painted on the floor.

I got to visit Italy.

The Trevi Fountain was gorgeous.

Venus de of my my favorite sculptures

The Statue of David...I have seen both of these sculptures in real life which is pretty cool.

The toilet paper looks real, doesn't it?  Nope. It's a painting on the wall.  I tried to take a selfie but nothing came out quite right.

The thinker...on the toilet...

I got to visit Egypt too.

I could have been a puppet from a very large hand

Or I could have been smushed by "Big Foot"

I could have been an angel...none of these made good selfies, and my Thai friends weren't anywhere around.  Sad face...

Or gotten thrown darts at

It's afro time!

More fake money on the floor...

Visiting the dinosaur era...

Posing for my National Geographic magazine cover

Going sledding

And snowboarding

My phone was being really weird...adding in a picture within a picture so a lot of the pictures didn't look so good.  So I put them all together into a collage.
Good-bye :(

I really enjoyed this museum.  

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  1. ", I swore this was a real wallet that someone had dropped on the floor. Nope. It was 3D art painted on the floor."

    Haha. They have one in Bangkok too. I didn't go tho, so Idk if it was any good. If you're in Pattaya DO NOT go to the Ripley's museum, it's a waste of money. The other places are good tho.