Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wat Pho

We wanted to go to Wat Pho and see the big reclining Buddha, so we hopped on a river boat cruise.

At the ticket place, there were dogs galore...which made Bridget and me very happy.  She's a fellow dog lover.

One thing that makes me very happy about Thailand is seeing all the dogs and cats everywhere.  They are not scrawny and rough-looking at all.  They all look healthy, happy, and content.  Even if they are strays.  We were told that the Monks often feed the stray dogs.  They have all been very friendly.  The cats often find the cutest little spots to curl up.  You will see several pictures of them in this post.

Wat Pho!  I came here two summers ago, but I was still just as impressed the second time.  And I really enjoyed taking all the pictures.

There was a school inside Wat Pho, and we got to peek inside the classroom.

Hark! Who goes there?


You have to take your shoes off to go inside.  You put your shoes inside this little bag and carry it with you.  Very effective.

The doorway

The reclining Buddha is 15 meters high and 43 meters long.  That's a big Buddha.

There are 108 bronze bowls to indicate the characters of Buddha.  You drop a coin into each one, and that's supposed to bring you good luck.

I love all the patterns you find in Thai temples.

Afterwards, we walked across the street through the "flea market" of sorts.  Some people just had a mat full of junk.  One guy only had like 10 things to sell.

These things were popular.  And nope, I have no idea what they are.  Stones, I think.

He was a character.

Taking a nap

Wanna buy a monk?

Bridget was interested in these little statues and sat down and started talking to the guy.

That's his cart in the background.  Pretty sure he's homeless.  He was THE sweetest man.

He even blessed the statues that Bridget bought.  It was a first for us.

I got some cute elephant earrings.

This was just the morning.  Stay tuned for more...


  1. I'm so fascinated by their use of colors in the buildings. I can only imagine it is more wonderful to see in person.

  2. Okay, I have to make a request! You have THE most beautiful eyes... take off your shades in your photos so we can SEE THEM! LOL <3

  3. Misty, it is wonderful to see it in person. And April, thank you for that sweet compliment! That has never been requested of me before. :)