Monday, January 27, 2014

Those passionate protestors

On our 2nd full day in Bangkok, we decided to do some more sightseeing.  But first, we walked through the protests again to go to the MBK there.

The protests look pretty different in the day time.

They were handing out free food.  The line was always long.

As you can see, the protestors were SO nice and friendly!

The sheer amount of people never ceased to amaze me.

And then we became popular.  They wanted pictures with us.  Too cute!

We finally got to the MBK shopping center.

I saw his A&M shirt and just had to have a picture with him.  He actually went there as well.

Thailand has THE creepiest mannequins!  They look like the Joker from Batman.  Am I right?

A mannequin mullet

They are sleeping but still holding the flag.

There are NO words to describe the palpable energy here.  No words.

More pictures!

Washing dishes


Um yeah....


  1. So, pray tell, what is IN the pink pvssy?

  2. April, I believe it was jewelry. Now for what part of the body, I'm not sure. We didn't go in.

  3. It's so interesting how much people love their king there. They protest but simultaneously still believe in a king. Kind of behind the times politically..probably why they're not as developed as South Korea.