Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snake farm

This day was crazy reptiles day in Bangkok.  After the monitor lizards, we decided to go to the Snake Farm and see some snakes.

On the way there, we saw more Thailand protest goodies to buy.  I do love the red, white, and blue!

And check out these buses.  Do they look like they are from 1958 or what?

Finally at the snake farm!

However, it was a bummer because we got there only 20 minutes before closing time.  They closed early.  So instead of having to pay around $6.00, we only had to pay about $1.00.  It worked out pretty well for us since there wasn't much to see.

This little dude tried super hard to come up and give us a kiss.

The place was pretty though.

Then we walked around and found a place to rest and eat.

And look at their little dog who hangs out at the restaurant.  Love it!

She was such a poser too.  Had her very own stool.

Wonder what the Play 2 Girls 2 place was all about...hmm...

Protests are still in full swing back at the hostel.

Our second room at the hostel.  This place was really nice.  Beds were great.  And we only had one roommate, who was asleep when we got in and left before we got up the next morning.

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  1. There is so much military activity lately. Obviously now the protests are totally shut down. I didn't see anything like that at all.