Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hiking in the woods with Petunia

Several friends and I went to the dog shelter here in Daejeon.  It is actually this lady's home, and she takes care of the dogs all by herself.  She was evicted from her last home and relies on donations to help her pay all the bills.  She is so grateful for any help.

This is on the way to her home...

Her home...

"Please get me out and take me for a walk.  Please!"

Where some of the big dogs are kept

Look at that face!

"Can we go now?  How about now?"

My walking buddy, who I named Petunia.

Lauren and her buddy.  We all stayed away from each other for protection of the dogs.  My dog in particular doesn't care for other dogs and tries to bite them.  But she loves people.

We're going up that?

Ah...Korean hikers.  I should have brought all my hiking equipment...trekking poles, etc.
This picture looks like a poem should go with it...don't ya think?

Petunia loves the walk!  Isn't her tail gorgeous?

And more stairs

We're not done yet....yet more stairs

Yeah!  We're at the top!  It's time to rest. :)

Look.  At.  That.  Face.

She even knows how to pose for the camera

I just LOVE this picture with the sun flare peeking through the trees

Handsome boy.  Love his face.  So expressive.

Debris and trash was all along the sides of the road

And this gentleman is putting out food for the compost pile?  And then burning plastic in his front yard

Here is the sweet lady who runs the dog shelter out of her own home.  She has a heart of gold.

Afterwards we went for an early dinner at Dino Meat.  It reminded me of The Flintstones.

You pick out your meat and come back and cook it at your table.

All the raw meat to choose from

Amanda and I went strictly for the beef.  It was SO good.  SO good.

I bought matching hats for myself and Amanda.  Is it cute or what?

If you are interested in learning more about the animal shelter in Daejeon and how you can help, please check out this site.

You can even donate to the shelter on PayPal.  I know it would be much appreciated.  She has even been known to personally go to the "dog market" and save dogs from being butchered, bringing them back to her place.  Now if that isn't an angel on earth, then I don't know what is.  God bless her.


  1. do they heat the floors there with everyone eating at floor level? The floor is usually the coldest place to sit.... curious..

  2. Ya know, I've actually never thought about it, but looking back, yes, they do heat the floors because my booty has always been warm. They do also give you these mats (albeit very thin) to sit on. It is hard on your back and your legs, especially for us foreigners because we're not used to it. Your legs go numb and you have to switch positions and stretch your legs out. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world. Give me a chair any day. Or even better...a booth!