Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grand Palace of Bangkok

Introducing the Grand Palace...

I am happy to say that I am much thinner than the last time I was here!

When you don't have on long pants or a shirt with sleeves, this is what you get to wear.  Lovely, isn't it?

I LOVE all the patterns!  I am thinking of blowing up a couple of my pattern photographs and framing them, grouping them together on a wall.

Aren't the patterns gorgeous?

On the way out, we heard some people speaking Korean and decided to introduce ourselves.  Very friendly people.  Bridget and I have discovered that the Koreans who travel outside of Korea are very different (friendlier, more welcoming, more likely to gage in conversation, etc) than the Koreans who don't travel outside of Korea.  They were so excited to talk to us.

So I know there are a lot of pictures.  However, I don't apologize for them.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking photographs, and I LOVE sharing them.  I hope you enjoy looking at somehow you feel like you've visited a piece of Thailand and shared in my journey.

Love you all!  I am NOT looking forward to going back to the freezing weather in Korea. :(


  1. the detail and architecture are AMAZING....

  2. Yes, absolutely amazing. There are no words to describe it. Nothing like that in the states!

  3. It was very crowded when I went, Idk about you. They're making SO much money off of tourists there..very expensive, considering their currency exchange rate.