Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Going downtown

Last weekend, I met Amanda in Old Downtown, or Eunhaeng-dong.  I took my camera and enjoyed taking some pictures.

The stairs near my apartment got fixed!  A big woo-hoo!

You can often tell what kind of meat a restaurant has by the picture...cow, pig, chicken, octopus, etc.

They don't know that fur is not in fashion.  And yes, it's real fur.  And Koreans love it.

In the underground shopping center...which is wonderful during the winter.

Aren't these socks adorable?  Look how they go together!

It is not uncommon to see huge piles of boxes.  Recycling is a MUST here.  You often see older people who collect the boxes to recycle.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....I had actually never seen chestnuts before or tried them before moving here.  I don't like them.

And yummy silk worm larvae...it's a VERY popular Korean snack and you find it everywhere.  The smell is absolutely revolting.  There is nothing like it.

Check out this video where waygooks (foreigners) eat it for the first time:

Speaking of larvae...you might remember when I posted pictures of the stuffed animal larvae and included a cartoon.  Check it out HERE.  You can even buy larvae ear muffs.  Now wasn't that on everyone's Christmas list?

Street food...the street food I've had so far is pretty good.

One thing I LOVE about Korea is their amazing nail polish.  It's seriously awesome.  You can buy great nail polish at 1,000 (or $1.00) a bottle.  Yes, I have gone a little nuts in this department.

Is this cabbage?  I don't know, but I sure think it's pretty.  You find it in planters all over Korea in the winter.

Street vendors use this kind of winter gear for their little shops.  Inside, they are all decked out in their coats, gloves, scarves, hats, etc.

It is always so cold here that the ice/snow from 4 weeks ago never melted.  I'm so not used to that being from Texas.  In Texas, the snow/ice melts in 2 days because it then reaches 60 or 70 degrees.  Gotta love Texas weather!

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  1. You have some excellent shots of the market here.
    "It is always so cold here that the ice/snow from 4 weeks ago never melted. I'm so not used to that being from Texas. "
    I lived in AK for 4 years, so when I stepped out into Seoul in December I was immediately reminded.. I saw the ice. It's definitely a cold country. Has it's benefits in the summer tho, I'm sure you're aware.