Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Come hither lizard

Bridget wanted to go this Lumpini Park to see these monitor lizards.  They are the world's second largest lizard, behind the Komodo dragon and can grow up to about 9 feet long.

So we got on the sky train (SO much better than a subway) and went to the park.  The park just happened to be one of the other places in the city for protests.  There were 7 total areas for protests.

As you can see the protestors were very sweet and friendly and loved to have their picture taken.

I had to have a snack of Roti.  This one was different because it had egg in it with the banana.  Still very good.

Just when you thought you had seen all the protestors....there were more.  I was so excited to see people out in the city to show their support for change.

The park was a great place to "camp out".

People were sitting around having a good old time.

The park was beautiful.  Bridget read that the lizards liked to be where the two ponds connected, so we walked through the park to get there.

And met some friends...

And saw men bathing...

And met happy protestors...

And saw some amazing views...

And saw people taking a cat nap...

We were getting pretty disappointed and thinking that we wouldn't see one of these famous lizards.

Then, we came around the bend.  I looked down, and guess what I saw?  I hit Bridget to show her.  This sucker was BIG.

Look how wide he is!

Now, Bridget, being the crazy person that she is (I just love her for it) decided that she wanted a picture with the lizard.  I thought she was nuts.  But she went around and behind him and crouched down on the ground.  Then she posed in her what is now famously called her "come hither lizard" pose.  This pose became so famous that she used it many more times throughout Thailand....with statues, with waterfalls, with people, etc.  I'm not sure whether she succeeded in seducing the lizard or not.

Meanwhile, these guys were watching the whole time at Bridget doing her "come hither lizard" pose.  I said that thing could totally bite you.  So she was asking these guys what they thought.

Then they wanted a picture with her.  I'm sure we were their entertainment for the day.

This man was so cute with his Thailand flag, hat, and whistle.

He even demonstrated it for me.

Passionate people.  Happy people.  Excited people.  Friendly people.  That's what I will remember when I think of the Bangkok protestors.

How low can you go?

Bridget, by the way, I did find a picture of a monitor lizard on Google.  Check this dude out.  I told you he could bite!

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  1. Funny how the protests went nowhere... and now the military coup runs the government & the media.