Monday, January 27, 2014

Bangkok is da bomb!

We waited FOREVER for the right boat.  Literally.  Got on one boat, and it was the wrong one.  Then had to wait even longer.  It got to be a little bit ridiculous.

That boat was crowded!

On the boat, we ended up meeting Dillon, a guy from Canada who comes to Bangkok every year for 3 months.  He took us for Middle Eastern food, which Bridget was craving.

This place so reminded me of a movie set

Adorable little cutie

At dinner, we ended up meeting another Canadian who gave us some tips on what island to go to (she is the one who recommended Koh Samet), and then they took us to the famous Khao San Road.

Shopping on Khao San Road.  This place is famous for backpackers.  I LOVED it.

Our two Canadian friends

So, I talked Bridget into having a fish foot spa massage.  She had never done it before.  And her reaction was absolutely priceless.  I was laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants.

She literally sat like this and squealed for several minutes.  It was hilarious.  And as you can see, these fish were super duper hungry.  I've only done this once before, and the fish weren't anywhere near aggressive or big compared to these.

They were literally propelling themselves out of the water to nibble on my leg.  When I put my leg further into the water, they were jumping for joy.  New meat!!!

Getting some roti..... Oh, how I missed thee.

Thais can sleep anywhere.

My yummy roti.  I absolutely MUST learn how to make this!

I bought some earrings from her.  She made them.

Loved the Dr Seuss hats

In one of the shops, I loved taking pictures of their kids.  They were so cute.  Their parents loved them!

Bridget and I both loved all the dogs around Thailand.  We loved to meet them, talk to them, and pet them.

Fighting boxers...what everyone needs

Bridget was SO good at flirting to get a lower price on clothes.  She cracked me up.

More flirting...

OK.  Now this dude.  Let me tell you...

So in Bangkok, they have Ping Pong shows.  Google it.  Basically, girls shoot ping pongs and other items out of their hoo-has.  Men, like this dude below, have little signs trying to get you to come to the shows.  Now of course, when I tried to take his picture, he showed me the other side that says "TAXI". On the other side is a list of things that you can see.  It's rather interesting to say the least.

Oh my...the 7-11's in Thailand were wonderful.  So many things with English on them!

Walking back to the sky train, we came across the coolest area.

And as we were walking to our hostel, the protestors were still out...

A sign in our hostel

Loved Bangkok!  And we're not done yet!


  1. it looks like a vibrant culture.... you captured it well

  2. "We waited FOREVER for the right boat. Literally. Got on one boat, and it was the wrong one. Then had to wait even longer. It got to be a little bit ridiculous."

    Were you one of the ones waiting for the free boat? I saw where you were standing and it looks like it... Yea we saw the line and said forget that, and paid to go on another one...

    I noticed I saw some kind of cult about VW's...I'm not sure why, because I never saw them. Well once, the whole time. I did see a whole Rack of different shirts for VW's though.

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