Saturday, December 21, 2013

Visits at the Oriental hospital

A couple weeks ago, my back started hurting.  It has been 4 months since I'd had my back adjusted at the chiropractor's office.  And boy, was I feeling it.  So I decided to check out this oriental hospital, Jaseng Oriental Hospital, based on a friend's recommendation.  So I walked to the subway station, got on the subway, and got off at the Tanbang subway station.

The hospital was really nice.  Not everyone spoke English, but enough people spoke enough for me to get by.

I first went and had x-rays done.  Then I met with the doctor.  He is so nice, and he speaks perfect English.  He actually lived in California for 5 years and has even been to Dallas several times.

My x-rays told some interesting things.  Some of it I had known before, but it still threw me for a loop.  Based on my x-rays, I have spine is curved too much in one area and not curved enough in another.  My hips are not balanced, and one leg is longer than the other.  So he prescribed chuna therapy and acupuncture for me, coming in twice a week.  Chuna therapy is a bit different from chiropractic treatment.  You can read more about it HERE

 I'd only had acupuncture once.  For my treatment here, he only puts needles in my back to help my back...except yesterday at my treatment, he put needles in my stomach to strengthen my core muscles.

Here is the treatment room where I get acupuncture.  I have also gotten physical therapy as well, but it's not at every visit.

The one time I had physical therapy I had to change into these lovely clothes.

The lobby is decorated for Christmas.  Makes me happy.

Even the trees are decorated outside.  Beautiful!

I have been three times now.  It will take a while for my back to get better with the issues my back has.  Also, he says that I need to stand up and stretch every 15 minutes for 5 minutes, that sitting is not good for my back.  Well, at my current job, all I do is sit unfortunately.  Either I'm at my desk or working with 1 or 2 students, and I sit at both.  So I am trying to get up a bit more.  I'll keep you posted!

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