Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lonely in the 80's

Last week, I awoke to a winter wonderland.  What a nice surprise to wake up to.

My school that day...

Here are a couple of my lunches from last week.  On the top is a kimchi pancake...not bad, not great either.  Edible.  The main dish was mandu guk (dumplings soup), and I like mandu.

This was a GOOD lunch.  Yum.  Sweet and sour shrimp, which was amazing.  Yes, I totally went back for seconds.  That's how you know when it's a good lunch....when Angela goes back for seconds! The noodles in the soup were pretty good too, but I didn't like the fish cake skewers.  Don't really care for fish cake.

I saw some interesting things at Home Plus.  The first one is a hamburger pillow.  Doesn't everyone need a hamburger pillow?  I know I do!

Oh, the 80's are back in Korea.  Acid wash jeans and neon colors.  Doesn't this look like it came straight from 1984?  That's when I was in 6th grade and had a neon pink sweatshirt and a neon pink fabric belt thing that I used as a headband bow in my big Texas 80's hair.

And this.  I'm wondering if I need to buy this sweatshirt.  Wouldn't it be a perfect way to get a man in Korea?  What do you think?

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