Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fun in Dunsan

Two weeks ago Saturday was a great day.  I got my hair cut and highlighted and then hung out with Julie and Amanda in Dunsan, or downtown.

Going up the escalator in the subway...

Aren't the leaves gorgeous?

Weddings are a big deal here, and you see bridal stores and wedding stuff all over.

Mods...where I got my hair cut...

Women just set up their little "shops" anywhere they want to underground.

The ladies who were fighting for us to come to "their" restaurant.  One of them won.

 At lunch with Amanda and Julie...and my new hair cut and highlights!  The lady at the salon straightened it for me.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The sea creatures fascinate me in their little aquariums.  They don't understand that they are just waiting to be someone's dinner.

Go shopping at eMart, and you can leave your doggie in the little cage up front.  Don't worry.  There are holes.  But still, he was just looking at me, not understanding why he's there.  Sad face.

Buying meat...

That would be about $98.00.  He's not THAT cute! 

More gorgeous fall leaves....which by the way, are no more.  Winter hit full force this week as it snowed twice!  Pictures are coming!

Hope your week went well!  My next post will be about my Thanksgiving in Korea.  It was really wonderful.

Love you all and miss you terribly!

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