Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Oh my Seoul - Lotte World

A group of friends and I went to Seoul this weekend to go to Seoul Land, a big amusement park there.  However, when we woke up Saturday morning, it was raining.  There goes Seoul Land.  So we decided to visit Lotte World instead since about half of it is indoors.  Lotte World is the world's largest indoor amusement park.  We had such a good time!

Lotte World is a little bit of a spoof on Disney World.  There is a castle and a boy and girl mascot...a cross between a chipmunk and a raccoon.
The place is HUGE.  It was almost sensory overload because there was something to see everywhere you looked.

Of course, we all had to get ears!  Children AND adults wore them.  Even the workers there wore ears.

Our first ride was Sinbad's Adventure.  It was pretty cool and reminded me of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World.

Our next ride was the Flume Ride.  We waited in line over an hour, so we had plenty of time to take pictures and act goofy.
They even squeegeed the seats for us which was pretty cool.
"You may wet" - love the Konglish!
Our next ride was the Drunken Baskets.  Yes, that was the name of the ride.

Now let me tell you, I LOVE the tea cup ride.  I love any ride that spins and spins.  However, this ride was a little over the top.  Not only did we spin in our basket, but the whole platform spun AND the platform tilted.  You felt like you were going round and round in an oblong oval.  I felt sick.   And I never feel sick on those rides.  I got a headache, and I felt like throwing up.

They have already started the Christmas season at Lotte World, and there was a Christmas parade.

It stopped raining, so we went outside to Magic Island.  Do you see the Disney World resemblance?

There was a big roller coaster in the park.  I LOVE roller coasters, and I really wanted to ride it.  The wait was supposed to be 120 minutes, but I didn't care.  I paid, and I wanted to go.  So...I waited in line by myself while the rest of the group went back inside.  It did give me a lot of opportunities to get some good pictures.  And it ended up taking only an hour and a half for the wait and the ride.  It was totally worth it!  One of the best roller coasters I have ever been on.  Seriously.

While in line, this ride below went right over our heads.  A tad bit scary.
It was such the major roller coaster that you couldn't take your camera, hat, purse, or anything on the ride with you, and you had to put it in this big bin.  They had a separate bin for each car.

Now back to the indoors...
Good-bye Lotte World!

More posts on Seoul are coming...

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