Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shabu shabu

The other night my co-teacher, Julie, and I went out to dinner.  Gayong, my co-teacher, had wanted to introduce me to shabu shabu.  I invited Julie to go along...Gayong and Julie were both wanting to meet each other since I talk about them a lot.  We went to a shabu shabu restaurant that was right around the corner from our apartments.

Shabu shabu is a Japanese dish where thinly sliced beef is boiled in water.  You add a lot of vegetables, cook it up, and then layer it on a piece of rice paper that has been soaked in hot water.  It was SO good.  I would gladly go eat it again.  And it was three courses.  SO much food!

The preparation of course one...

Making my shabu shabu spring roll...

Course two...the noodles were really good!

Course three...

It was really good to hang out with Gayong and Julie.  They enjoyed meeting each other, and we plan on definitely doing dinner together again.

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