Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Scaly fish and new books

I'm trying to remember to take my camera to lunch, so I can take pictures and show you exactly what I'm eating.  This day was a doozy.  Check out the fish.  Yes, that's a whole fish with scales, the head, and everything.

Here's a close-up of Mr Fish.  Now think about trying to get the meat out of that fish using only your 2 metal chopsticks.  Digging in, separating the meat from the scales and the bones, and being careful not to get any organs.  It's not easy.  It's not necessarily fun either.

 So, I'm busy getting the meat off of Mr Fish when the cafeteria lady walks around and plops yet another fish on my plate.  No, I didn't ask for another fish.  So now instead of 1 eye staring at me...well really 2 but he was on his side so I only saw 1...I now have 2 eyes staring at me.  Great.

My cousins, Eva and Parker, sent me two books for my classroom.  One was especially great for visually impaired children because it had indented letters and had them trace the actual letters, and they could feel the letters.  Mina and Seora loved this book.

The other book was an ABC book.  I really liked it because it had stickers and several words that started with each letter.  I am working on coloring in the black and white pictures.

Thank you Eva and Parker!  The students LOVED them!  And my co-teacher does too.  She wanted to "steal" the ABC book right away.

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