Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lantern festival in Jinju...nighttime

Although the lanterns were pretty during the daytime, they were beautiful at nighttime.  The colors were vibrant and alive.  After a nap, Julie and I headed out again to check out the lanterns at night.  Like many places in Korea, this place came alive at night.  There were so many people.

Our hallway at our hotel.  Fancy, isn't it?

On our hotel's street...the sky was beautiful.

We stopped at the ever famous Paris Baguette.  In Korea, you will see them on pretty much every street corner.  I brought my prime portrait lens for the nighttime pictures, and I wanted to try it out on the baked goods.  I think they turned out pretty good.  Don't you wish you could pick one out from the computer screen?

Then we stopped at a Lotteria.  After our not so good lunch experience, we wanted something that we knew would be good.  Lotteria has THE best chicken tenders.  They could teach McDonald's a thing or two.

Check out the guy in the black and white T-shirt on the bottom right.  He's doing the Korean thing and eating out off his friend's plate.  It's the Korean way of eating.  Btw...he's also wearing skinny jeans.

We went into this little store to get a couple of things.  It was like a really nice dollar store.

Yes, of course, Korean dude...of course you can ride your motorcycle up on the sidewalk.

Looking down on the river at night...

Check out the little dog all decked out in his fancy outfit...

OK.  So let me tell you about this bridge.  You have to pay 1,000 won (around $1) to cross the bridge.  It was fine during the day because it wasn't crowded.  However, at night, there are many people on the bridge.  It's made up of floats, and it wobbles.  And it doesn't help if people have been drinking.

Going through the vendors....

This vendor was pretty clever to use a fish aquarium for keeping the drinks cold.

So. Many. People.

Come to Korea and buy things from Thailand!

I don't know what these things were called, but man were they good.  It was fried dough filled with cinnamon sugar butter.

Julie got one, and I had to get one later because it was so yummy.

Koreans love their shoes!  You will often see Koreans wear tennis shoes with everything, no matter if it goes or not.  When you live in a place where you walk everywhere, I can now understand why.

The lady drowning in a sea of socks...

Yes, this dog's ears are blue.

Oh!  This stuff smelled NASTY!  You would smell it before you saw it.  They are silkworms and why anyone would eat them is beyond me.  I would have to hold my nose.

The lantern tunnel...

It went on and on and on and on....

Another lantern tunnel....

Now outside again...

Yummy street food...

Korean trash...

These Mexican churros didn't smell so hot.

Soooo crowded!

Octopus being cooked shredded...

In Korea, it is not uncommon to see men holding hands or have their arms around each other.

Roasted pig...


Is that a shark fin?

Little birds....very disturbing...

Fresh pig...

Are the little birds saying, "Please help"?

Korea has THE cutest phone covers!

You could play games at the festival, just like the Texas state fair...except there was no Big Tex and no funnel cake.

Koreans LOVE their socks!

Wow.  Check out those leggings!  Don't you want some for Christmas?

You could buy an assortment of tools...

And of course, there are Psy socks!

At one of the vendors, I made friends with this little girl.  She loved to get her picture taken and then look at her picture on my camera.


More Korean trash...

Just like at the state fair, there were people demonstrating products.

These light-up headband bows were very popular with children and adults.  We saw just as many adults wearing them as children.  And I'm not just talking about women either.  We saw several men wearing them too.

While walking around the vendor area, Julie and I met two guys, one from Texas (yee-haw) and one from Nova Scotia.  We ended up hanging out them for a while.  They are teachers living in Jinju.  It was nice to meet some fellow "migooks" or foreigners.

Inside the fortress walls at Jinju Castle...

By this time, Julie and I had been walking around about 6 hours, and our feet were hurting.  Bad.  So we wanted and needed just to find a place to sit down and relax.  We ended up going to a bar just to hang out and drink a couple of cocktails.  It was low-key and quiet.  Julie and I both don't like beer or Soju, so we got Peach Soju and Grape Soju.  Both were pretty good.

The guys....the guy on the left is from Nova Scotia, and the guy on the right with the glasses is from Fort Worth, Texas.  He was SO happy to meet a fellow Texan.   They enjoyed being my models and having their pictures taken.

It was a long day, but a really good day.  I've got some last pictures to share in my next post of Jinju, all from our 2nd and last day there.

I am: in my pajamas, with a sore throat and a runny nose
I feel: tired...it's time to go to bed
I hear: "What a Wonderful World" on Pandora
I love: exploring new places and meeting new people


  1. these photos are SO AMAZING! i'm going to go ahead and pin like half of them. i love the lanterns and lights and food picks. and that fort worth guy ain't so bad either... :)

  2. Awesome photos! The walnut fried dough that Julie had is called "Ho Ddeok". You will start to see it a lot on street corners in the colder months! Sometimes there is a ho ddeok cart right across from Starbucks, so keep your eyes peeled! ^____^ Glad you girls had fun! -Dani