Monday, October 7, 2013

Lantern festival in Jinju...daytime

Julie and I rode the bus to Jinju.  She did all the research and found us tickets on the bus leaving at 9:00am.  I highly recommend using the express bus system to travel.  You can catch a bus to anywhere in Korea.  A one-way ticket was only 16,000 won, and it was a comfortable ride.  I will definitely be doing more bus trips.

The Daejeon express bus terminal was pretty nice.  They had shopping and places to eat.  Someday, I think Julie and I are going to come back to this area because there was a lot to see around the bus terminal, inside and outside.
Krispy Kreme!

As you can see, the bus seats were huge...even for American standards.

Julie and I stayed at a "love motel".  Love motels are all over Korea.  They are fairly cheap (except on festival weekends apparently), clean, and interestingly decorated.  Our room came with a big screen TV, a fan (no AC but that was OK), a filtered water dispenser, and a nice, hard King-size bed.
There were 4 different types of wallpaper.  We each had a robe to use (which we didn't), and our room was stocked with a variety of beauty products, including some bug spray.  We also got a "goody bag".

The street outside our hotel.  Behind the greenery on the right is the river.  Our hotel was in a fantastic location.  Julie did a great job finding it.  Thanks Julie!

Just a few steps from our hotel is the walking and biking path overlooking the river.

There was this fence with little paper dolls and notes all over it.  I wasn't sure if they were remembrance notes or what, but the colors were beautiful, especially when the wind caught them.

There was also a Korean Drama Festival going on at the same time.  There were different sets all set up.
And you could dress up in costumes...we chose not to.  Just how many people have worn those hats and wigs?

Julie bought some candy from these sweet girls from the drama club.  The candy turned out to be all gross.

You had to buy a ticket for 1,000 won to cross the river.  It was all on floats and therefore very wobbly.  It got very fun at night when the bridge was completely full.  It made you feel like you were drunk and couldn't walk straight.

Some of the vendors were all about health.  You could practice CPR, learn about your organs, get a weird massage, try on a pregnancy belly, etc.

No swimming.  Darn.

Now we are at the lanterns!  Even in the daytime, the lanterns were beautiful and colorful.  Seriously, this festival was SO big that you couldn't see it all in one day.  We were told that they add new lanterns every year.  This is THE big shindig in Jinju out of the whole year.

A wall mural...

The trash cans were HUGE.  There was only one problem though.  They were few and far between, so you would see trash everywhere.  If someone else put trash in a spot, then you could too.  That my friends is what my friend, Tiffany, calls Korean trash.  You will see some pictures of Korean trash in my next post.

OK.  So I don't know what the deal was with this guy, but he was out walking around at the festival in his hospital pajamas with both of his hands all bandaged up.  We saw him again the next day in the same get-up.  We also saw a little boy in hospital pajamas riding his tricycle with his IV hooked up to the tricycle.  I guess you get to go on "field trips" here if you're in the hospital?

Heading up to the castle...

Inside the fortress walls...

The "guards" guarding the castle...

 Jinju Castle...

Looking down on the river from the castle...

Beautiful or what?

Men often carry the purse for their woman.  American men, take note!

We stopped at a little Korean restaurant for lunch.  We were starving, and there weren't many places to choose from.  Below is our menu.  We were able to read the 3rd item, Bibimbap, so that's what we ordered.  Sadly, it was NOT good bibimbap.

Sitting on the floor waiting for our bibimbap...

You always get kimchi with every meal and usually some type of soup.  This soup had tiny mussels in it.  Every bibimbap dish I have had has meat.  This one did not.

We kept seeing Koreans dressed up in costumes during the festival...although we never saw any of them actually perform.

Looking back to to the fortress and castle...

Guess what y'all's Christmas presents are going to be???

We are always up for a bit of shopping!

They have the cutest girl hair accessories in Korea.

One of my favorites!  Pitch Perfect

After our yucky lunch, I made a beeline for the food court in eMart.  And yes, I got McDonald's.  No judging!  I LIKE McDonald's!  And I KNEW I would like it.  That is sometimes needed when living in a foreign country.

Check out the price of the Castle Lego set...that would be $129.90.

Look what I found!

Trying on hats...

More hair accessories...

You can pick up some Halls Cough Drops with your candy...

What are those weird "leg warmer" things on her legs?

Waffle time!

Protecting the people while sleeping...

She was ALL decked out!

Dried octopus anyone?

Walking back through the vendors.  It was getting more crowded.

Trying some tea...

These pillows had some weird "stuffing".  They were NOT soft at all, which made me wonder what they were for.  Your back maybe?

Walking back to our hotel...

The cars were playing hide-and-go-seek...

Watching TV, and this show keeps popping up.  Who wouldn't want to watch a cartoon all about larva?

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