Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lantern festival in Jinju...daytime again

We slept late Sunday morning and then got up to take one last look at the festival before heading home.

It's much easier to cross this thing when no one else is on it!

Julie decided to have some roasted pig for lunch.  I gladly helped her eat it.  It was REALLY good.  Although we had no idea it would be 30,000 won or $30.  That was one expensive pig.

Pavement on the left: NOT good for your feet.  Especially after walking for hours and hours.  Pavement on the right: much better.

I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be baby Jesus!

Oh no!  He died...

Looking back at Jinju Castle...

Potato tornado twists...

I got chicken on a stick, and it was fabulous.

Rest area....

The toilets...they were actually OK.  They had toilet paper AND soap!  In Korea, that's a big deal!

Looks different in the daytime...

The colors were so vibrant.

Gig 'em!


We had climbed the little hill and "took a rest", overlooking the river.  It was quite peaceful except for the loud group of old men behind us.  And they say foreigners are loud?  Hah!

This little area was so cool.  It was made up entirely of bamboo trees.  Most of the lanterns were about vegetables or mating.  You'll see...

He's definitely got "man hands".

Whoa.  They are definitely mating.

Or are they just happy to see each other?

Rocky Balboa?  Man, those are some BIG lips!

Now these frogs are playing leap frog.  I know they are...

Out of all the animals mating, the rabbits are NOT?  What's up with that?

Going back through the lantern tunnel.  Although not as pretty during the nighttime, it's still cool.

The festival is not near as crowded in the daytime.

In the drama festival part, you could put yourself right in the mural and be a part of the picture.

Not sure what he was "selling"...

Need some plastic surgery?  Here you go!

The bus stop in Jinju

OK.  See the guy in the "glasses" with the huge frames.  There are no lenses in the frames.  We see this everywhere.  If you do wear glasses, it's popular to get huge obnoxious frames (like Sally Jesse Raphael's red glasses).  If you don't wear glasses, no worries.  Just wear the frames.  I wonder what would happen if I brought home frames and wore them like this in Texas...

Waiting for the bus...

If you ever in Korea, I highly recommend going to the Lantern Festival in Jinju.  It's held in October every year.  It was a wonderful quick weekend trip.

I am: about to cook dinner
I feel: pooped after walking and shopping all day 
I hear: "A Thousand Years" on this song
I love: finding a mom and pop store with good fruits and veggies

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