Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Johnny Depp and a good burger

On the way to training yesterday, I saw some interesting things.

Korea has some of the biggest leaves I've ever seen.  I hope you can see the perspective.

Right near Panam Station, our subway station, they sometimes have things to sell along the road.

Check out some lovely Korean fashion.  Would YOU wear that?  My grandma wouldn't even wear that.

Need some knives?  Can you see knives being sold like this on the side of the road in America?

Need some tools?

Coming out of Jung-gu Office subway station, they have artwork displayed.  Some of it is really good.

These are a couple of my favorites...

I think that's an excellent replica of Johnny Depp.  Don't you?

I took Amanda and Julie to House Grill for their first amazing Korean burger experience.  It did not disappoint!

And this time, I realized that they have Dr Pepper!  And yes, it tasted just like home.  Ahhhh.......

I got the Texas Burger again because it is so messy and so good.  I had dressing all over my face and went through about 6 napkins.  The napkins here in Korea, by the way, are like little toilet tissues.  They're awful and flimsy.

Around the House Grill...

The outside of House wouldn't know it was there unless you were looking for it.

To get to House Grill, go to Yongmun Station.  Use exit #4 and go straight out.  It will be on the left.  You will pass James Dean and Daiso.  Right after Paris Baguette, you will see a hallway that is between Paris Baguette and Innis Free.  Go down that hallway, all the way to the end.  On the right, you will see House Grill behind all the papers and pictures he has up on the wall.  It's right across from a coffee shop.  Beware going there on a weekend.  I've heard it can get super busy, and there are not that many tables.

I highly recommend their Texas Burger, and their French fries are amazing!  Best burgers in Daejeon.  Being from Texas, I KNOW my burgers, and this place rocks.

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