Sunday, October 20, 2013

Harvest event

Last week we had a harvest event at school.  Apparently they have one every year, and it's a big celebration day.  Classes were cancelled in the afternoon, and everyone went out onto the playground for the big event.  I had no idea what to expect.

There was a band of drummers there to perform at the beginning.

I totally want to take this cutie-patootie home with me.  She is in Kindergarten (in fact she is the only student in Kindergarten), and she is the cutest thing ever.

Is she not precious?

Making rice cakes....this is a mixture of rice and water.  You pound it and pound it and pound it until it becomes a sticky, gooey, mixture.  All the kids took turns pounding it.

This is getting the rice off the stalks.  I don't know what the machine is called.

She had THE cutest facial expressions while doing this...

This is the popped or fried rice.  Every so often you would hear a huge pop, like a gun shot.  It was so loud, and the kids would jump.  The teachers bagged the popped rice for everyone to have their own bag.  It tasted like popped rice but without much flavor.

He helped the students grab a section of stalks to take to the machine.

She was eating some rice cakes and had it in her hair and all over her face.  Adorable.

Making the rice was OK.  People kept handing me more, but one piece was enough.  This rice cake was homemade, and they also had store-bought rice cakes.

The store-bought rice cakes...

The sticky ooey-gooey mess...

It was a really fun day.  I love random events and festivals in the middle of the school day!  Love those Korean surprises!

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