Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy to taste fantastic

EPIK teachers in Daejeon, like me, have to go to training from 3:00 - 6:00pm for 5 days.  We have 4 days this week, and 1 day next week.  One day is a holiday, so we have to make it up next week.

We are the only province in Korea that has to do this extra training.  It was good to see my EPIK friends again.

My partner in crime for that day's lecture...Jason.  We kept each other sane that particular day.

One girl didn't like training at all and actually put on her eye mask and fell asleep.  Yes, seriously.
Now no one wanted to actually be there, but we showed our "diligence" and participated in the trainings.  I still can't believe it.

Afterwards, Julie and I decided to head back to our Gao-dong neighborhood and try out a new restaurant.  In the subway station, we saw this cabinet of survival items.  They are in every subway station.  We were discussing whether we had ever seen this in any other city, and we couldn't remember ever seeing it before.  Have you?

Instead of just selling fruit, which is what is usually sold on this corner, you can buy some crabs.  He was so excited to be in my picture.

This is the restaurant that we tried...Brown Kitchen.

Often at restaurants, there is a drawer at the end that holds all of your utensils.

Brown Kitchen
Made every effort directly as handmade pork cutlet
Surprised once rich in taste
Happy to taste fantastic

Love the "Engrish" in Korea!  They try to write English, but it just doesn't come out right.

It wasn't too bad.  It wasn't wonderful, but my pork cutlet was pretty good.  It was a lot of meat, so that made me happy.  I might go back (might), but Julie got the fish cutlet and said that she wouldn't come back.

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