Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Found a favorite new spot in Daejeon

I found a favorite new spot in Daejeon!  And yes, you guessed it....it's all about shopping!

I did something different today.  I took all of these pictures with my iPod instead of with my big camera.  I didn't want to be "that" tourist.  Although I will definitely be going back to this area and I will take some pictures with my big camera next time.  My iPod pictures just don't compare to my camera...

I had been looking for popsicle sticks for my classroom so that I could make some games.  I looked at Daiso and at Home Plus, but I never could find them.  So I did some research and found another blog that talked about this 5 floor mega stationery store.  It basically said that if I were to find popsicle sticks anywhere in Daejeon, it would be here.

So I asked my friend, Julie, if she wanted to go with me, and we decided to go to the underground shopping area as well.  We got off the subway at Jungang-no station and went underground.  What we saw was super cool.  It was like a mall underground, but everything was cheaper than at the department stores.  The only problem was that a lot of the clothes had no size, which in Korea means it's a "free" size or one size fits all.  Now that may work OK for Koreans but not for Americans.

The fashion in Korea....some of it is not anything I would wear....EVER.

And some things are making an appearance again in fashion...like big denim jackets.

When we went to the bathroom, this is what I found.  Oh joy.  Brings back all those memories from China.

Love the phrases you find on clothes here.  They "try" to use English, but mostly it just comes out wrong.

We headed out of the underground shopping and headed towards the stationery store and found so many things to explore.  This was unexpected, and it made me so happy.  I love finding places like this.  It's actually called Eunhaeng-dong, or Old Downtown.  I had heard about it, but I never knew it was this cool.  I was definitely a happy girl!

I had my first street food here, and it was some of the best food I've had here in Korea.

I decided to try this.  I think it had white potato and a little sweet potato in it.  I wasn't sure, but it sure was good.

Then I decided to purchase a "blow-torched" meat on a stick.

It was SO good.

Julie decided to get one of these.  It looked really good, but she said it tasted mainly of bread.

You normally eat street food standing by the little stand or walking around, but this guy told us to sit at his little table with stools and even gave us water.  He also had to teach Julie how to eat his sandwich thing properly.

The cute and adorable (and big) cell phone covers

So here is the reason I wanted to go to this area in the first place..."S. Mega Stationery Store".  It is 5 floors of gloriousness.  Anything and everything you could need or want or not even know that you wanted.

Pencil cases...they are BIG into pencil cases in Korea.

I loved this one!

The gift bags had the quirkiest little sayings...

Hmmm....I wonder who that is!

Rubik's cubes are everywhere here.

And praise God!  I found popsicle sticks!

And in different colors!

Felt in many colors...

Paper galore...

Many cars here put parking plates inside their front windshield with their phone numbers, so that if they are blocking someone, you can call them and they will come move their car.  Clever!


I had read about Sung Sim Dang in a blog.  My co-teacher says that it is very famous among the locals and is often a place you must visit when you come to Daejeon.  Crowded is not the word I would use to describe this place.  It was insane.

There were SO many people.  So many people.  You would get a little tray and join the circle of people as it went around the bakery, trying baked goods and putting your selections on your tray.  People would bump into you, reach over your shoulder, and get all in your personal space.  Julie and I went around halfway, and we had had enough.  It was just too crowded.  I tried the cranberry bread, which was pretty good, but most of the things were very different that your typical American bakery goodies.  Koreans put some different and unique ingredients in their baked goods.

Can you see the craziness?  I took these with my iPhone, so they're a little blurry, but you get the idea.  It.  Was.  Crowded.

But they did have some pretty baked goods...

Can you read the name of the bread? "Beautiful women and wild animal"

Let me tell you about this cupcake place.  I had also read about this place in a blog.  After the bakery mess, Julie and I decided to find this place instead.  The pictures looked great.  The cupcakes looked great.  I was getting excited.

I got the red velvet cupcake and the chocolate one.  They were 3,500 won each ($3.50).  They looked great and delicious.  However, they did not taste great and delicious.

This was all I ate.  I bought them and didn't want my money to be wasted, but they were dry with a capital D.  They were crumbly and just didn't taste all that good.  Big sad face.  This was my first big disappointment with Korean food, with something I specifically ordered, so I guess that's an OK ratio.

So many stores!!  It was raining, so it was a dreary, wet day.  We were glad to be under the structure.

Yes...."Young Emotional Story"....hehe

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Artbox!  It's such a cool store!  Did I mention that I love it?

They have so many cool things from notebooks...

To interesting phone covers...

To sleeping masks...

To cute purses with interesting sayings...

Then we went shoe shopping.  I wanted some winter shoes.  Julie saw Clarks in the window of this shoe store, so we went in because I love Clarks.  As I was trying on shoes, I hear "Angela" yelled at me and look up to see my friend, Tiffany.  Tiffany was one of the girls I was meeting later that evening for a girls night out on the town.  I totally didn't expect to see her in Old Downtown, but she was at Starbucks and saw me walk by.  I guess my blond hair makes me stick out a little in Korea.  So she came back with Julie and me to my apartment.  We dropped off our stuff and then walked right back to Panam to meet the other girls.

We went to our Kingdom Pizza Chicken place in my neighborhood.  It's a funny place because it has knight in shining armor riding a horse in the middle of the restaurant.

The pizza has corn on it, but it is pretty good pizza.

Then Baskin Robbins for dessert...

Can you see the little puppy's head peeping out from inside that lady's sweater?  It was THE cutest little dog.

And what does one do after dinner and dessert?  Norebang of course!!  I LOVE my norebang!  I took the girls to my little girly norebang with the chandeliers.

Kali and Rachel

I am: in my pajamas
I feel: tired after our special training today
I hear: Pitch Perfect station on Pandora.  Love this station!
I love: See above.  I love that movie and all the music from it.

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  1. I will be leaving for Daejon from Nigeria in 10 days. Thank you for the info. There are lots of places to check out!