Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Costco...same same, but different

We had an unexpected run to Costco the other night, and Costco runs are always good.

Especially when you haven't eaten, so you can eat in the food court!  I have only ever gotten their cheese pizza, which is SO good.  Julie had the chicken bake and didn't really like it.  I think I will stick with my cheese pizza.  A huge slice of pizza and a Coke (I get the Ginseng Cider which tastes like Sprite/7-Up) is only 3,000 won or $3.00.  Great deal!

When buying clothes at Costco, you have to double check if you're buying US size or Asian size.  BIG difference!

You can fill up on samples here!  I had spicy chicken wings and salted caramel popcorn...both were great.  I could have had a lot more, but we had just eaten pizza.

They even have Christmas stuff up here...

The seafood section is pretty big at Costco.  You can find anything your heart desires seafood wise, including octopus.

The beer and wine selection is a pretty good one.  IF I drank beer or wine, that would make me happy.

Ice cream is super expensive to buy in the store here.  Here is Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for 16,990 won or about $17.

I was standing in line, and this woman cuts right in front of me and puts her stuff down on the belt.  Sadly, it happens often.  I'm assuming my blond hair makes me invisible.

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