Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Unexpected treasures on the way to Expo Park

Jenny and I decided to spend last Wednesday, the day before Chuseok, going to Expo Park.  It's a pretty famous amusement park in Daejeon that used to have rides.  However, a lady died on one of the rides last year, so now the park is pretty much deserted.  I had heard that it was abandoned, but I still wanted to see it since the Expo Bridge is right there and the Tower of Great Light.  More on that later...

I got directions to the park, and we planned to meet at the Government Complex subway station.  To give you a picture of the subway system, here's a picture.  I always understand things so much better with a picture.

Look down in the far right bottom corner and find Panam.  That's my subway station.  However, I'm a 20 minute walk away.  Jenny lives near Seodaejeonnegeori station.  And we were going to Government Complex Station.

So I walked 20 minutes to Panam and then rode about 30 minutes to the Government Complex station.  Jenny and I unexpectedly ended up meeting up on the same subway car which was totally not planned.  We got off at Government Complex and then walked about 30 minutes to the Expo Park.  We decided to walk it leisurely so we could just enjoy the walk.  It was awesome because we found several unexpected treasures.  Our first unexpected treasure was this park: the Dunsan Prehistoric Settlement Site. The ruins here date back to the Stone Age and the Bronze Age.  The three housing sites date back to 800 BC.

We stopped for coffee...well actually Jenny got coffee and I people watched.

OK, so let me tell you about the spiders in Korea.  There are many of them, and they are big.  You often have to watch out because you might run into a spider web and become its next meal...or so they wish.  We were walking, and all of a sudden, Jenny stops.  She sees this big spider.  As we are staring at it, we realize there is not one but two spiders.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a huge fan of spiders?

Here is a photograph to give you some perspective:

We came across this tree with a set of keys.  Why?  We had no idea, but it sure did make for a cool photograph!

We came across this cool statue and were looking around at the buildings all around it.  What we saw made us do a double-take.

Look up at the top of the "ladder".

Wait!  Those are people way up there.  Wait again!  They're not moving.  Ahhh....I get it now!

Then we come across this pretty little park in the midst of all the buildings.

And of course, we just had to pose for pictures!

 That's all for this post!  My next post will be all about Expo Park.

I am: sitting on my bed with my comforter around me with the windows open.  Fall is here!
I feel: good after today's success at school
I hear: a dog barking and it makes me miss my dogs
I love: making my students smile and laugh while they're learning

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