Saturday, September 21, 2013

Teachers Trip day 2

Now for the second part of my teachers trip!

Here is our hotel room.  There were 6 of us who stayed in this suite.  There were no beds...only Korean-style mattress pads, pillows, and a few blankets.  It was my first time to stay in a hotel without beds.  Imagine the money saved by the hotel!
Two of my roommates for the night
One of the bedrooms
The main room
Our little kitchenette
My bed
My bath towel.  Yes, that is the size of a dish towel.
The view from our hotel room.  Can you see the ocean?
The plan for Saturday morning was to go fishing on a boat. had rained all night and was still raining in the morning.  So they postponed the boat trip for an hour.  By the time we arrived at the boat, it was still raining but not hard.  The school purchased rain coats for everyone and off we went.
Waiting to get on the boat.  "Angela, don't forget to bring your camera!"

"Angela, take our picture!"
The man in the center is super nice.  He is one of the massage teachers at my school.  I keep telling them that I would gladly volunteer my services if they need someone to practice on.

After getting settled on the boat, they had a couple of announcements.  One of those announcements called for the 4 new teachers at the school to come up to the front of boat.  That was fine except the boat was very rocky, so we had to keep hanging on each other for balance.  The principal gave each of us a big bouquet of flowers.  This was the second bouquet of flowers that I had received from my school.  Boy, does it feel nice to be appreciated!

Receiving flowers from my principal
Then we were handed the microphone and were supposed to say something.  Now I had already said in Korean at the first ceremony where I had to speak, "Hello.  Nice to meet you.  My name is Angela.  Thank you."  So I couldn't say "nice to meet you again" since I had already met them.  So I just said, "Hello.  Thank you." in Korean.  Well, the MC dude said "sing".  He is a gregarious, outgoing fellow who told me "Angela, I love you." the night before when I sang karaoke on the bus.  The first thing that came to my mind was, "Call Me Maybe", so I sang the chorus....straight to him.  He liked that and started playing back, taking off his jacket as in a little tease.  He cracked me up.  This is a good group of people who enjoy having fun.

Then they showed us how to use the fishing equipment.  I actually went deep sea fishing in Norway a while back, and this reminded me a lot of that time.

The guy teacher is completely blind, so he would make the line go up and down for the fish to bite while we would hold the line contraption thing. 
My assistant principal 
He is SO nice and speaks great English.

Our bait.  Lucky for me, the men loved to bait the hooks 
Our view from the boat

Several people caught a fish
If you wondering if I caught a fish, the answer is yes and no.  I caught a fish and it had me standing up bracing myself because it was pretty strong.  But....when I reeled it in after "huffing and puffing", the fish had eaten through the line and eaten the 2 hooks, the 2 bait fish, AND the little anchor attached.  I'm so not making this up!

And of course, then the boat became a karaoke boat because as all such transportation in Korea should be a vessel for karaoke!

After docking, we had a little break before getting back on the bus.  So what does one do at the harbor?  You go see yet another fish market!  Hooray for the smell of fish!  Dead fish, alive fish, dried fish...oh my!

As you can see, the teachers trip was a blast.  Why don't we do these back in the states?  Talk about bonding with your co-workers!  And I'm not talking about playing stupid games or creating a windowpane to figure out what you have in common.  This was real bonding, while doing real stuff.  That's what I'm talking about!

I am: sitting on my 2nd bed aka couch
I hear: my loud washing machine in the next room
I feel: sleepy and happy
I love: looking at my pictures and reliving the stories and moments

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  1. Very cool! You're right about the stupid games and Windowpanes! LOL