Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet Saturday

Saturday was a great day.  First of all, I had plans to meet up with Tiffany for brunch in downtown.  Tiffany is a girl I met last Saturday at the Mexican Cantina.  She is an associate professor at a university here...which is something I could easily do in Korea with my experience and my Masters in Education.  Associate professors get 5 months off every year.  Yes, you read that correctly.  5 months.

We met at the subway station, so I walked 20 minutes to the subway station nearest to my place and then rode several stops to meet her.  On the way to the subway station, I took my time to take some pictures.  If you didn't know this by now, I love taking pictures, and I love my camera.  Here are some of the pictures I took along the way from my place to the station:

We went to this little brunch place that she had been wanting to visit for a couple of months.  We got there a little after 10:00am, but they didn't open until 10:30.  So we had a brilliant idea of going to Krispy Kreme for an appetizer.  Brilliant, right?  Oh wow, it was good.

After our appetizers, we went to brunch at the cutest little place.  I got a strawberry banana smoothie, and then we split Korean-style a chicken sandwich and French toast.

I totally forgot to take a picture before we dug in!  As you can see, it was excellent.

Then we walked around downtown for a bit.  It was a gorgeous day for a stroll around the city.
Delivery man.  Fast food places here like McDonald's (I've only seen one, and it was in a food court) and Lotteria (pretty good chicken fingers) deliver.

Some kind of festival was going on, but nothing really was happening.  People were just sitting waiting for something to happen.

Say Department Store 

And then we went to Home Plus.  Just like every Wal-Mart is different back in the states, I have found that every Home Plus is different here.  This Home Plus was amazing!  So much more selection, especially in the fruit and vegetable department.  I got pretty excited.

Places everywhere are getting ready for Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving, which is next week.  This is THE biggest holiday in Korea.  We have off next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  And at my school, I even have off next Monday and Tuesday.  My school is special!  I plan on exploring the city on my own and taking tons of pictures.

You can learn more about Chuseok here:
That's $60 for apples.  They are sure shiny, but I don't know if they are worth $60.
2,800 won = $2.80 for a small bag of salad 
HUGE radishes
So many different kinds of seafood.  And it doesn't smell too pretty.  Good thing they have it wrapped in plastic wrap and in a glass case.
More dried fish
And yet more fish.  Those are $450 and $350. 
Fried chicken! 
Children's clothes for Chuseok
Then I came home and rested before another Daejeon welcome party Saturday night.  Julie stopped by and we ended up going to Lotteria for dinner and walking around some.
Garbage piled up.  It's like this every morning.  And it usually stinks.
Food waste.  They are big on composting here.
You will see red peppers being dried out in the sun everywhere.  They use the red peppers to make this paste that they put in pretty much everything.  As you can guess, it's hot.  My co-workers at school even put more of this red pepper paste onto their food and mix it in.  There is a jar of it on the teachers' table at lunch.  And I thought I liked spicy food. Hah!

In my neighborhood.  They were having a promotion or something.

"My" Home Plus aka Wal-Mart, just 5 minutes from my apartment
Garlic - I never knew it looked like that!
Siting outside at the Lotteria
Hi Julie! 
Lotteria delivery guy

Oh Psy....

My little neighborhood.  
The party Saturday night was pretty good.  Julie and I walked around a bit in Dunsan-dong before heading to the party.  We found this awesome store called Art Box.  We are so going back there and shopping.  So many cute things!

Yes, I know this picture is totally blurry, but I still liked it for some reason. 
Art Box!

It was $20 for all you can eat and drink.  With all you can drink, you can imagine what happened with some of the people.  I did try the famous Korean drink, Soju, which tasted like lighter fluid.  It was awful even mixed with Coke or Sprite.  Awful, I tell ya.  But I can say that I tried it!  I met a new friend, Emily, who is from the states and is teaching Kindergarten here.  Julie, Emily, and I plan to totally hang out together, since the three of us hit it off.

With Emily and Julie
Our Korean poses
Oh, Soju, we are never, ever, ever getting back together.  Like ever.

Our new friend, Max, who fell in love with Julie

With Melissa
Emily with weirdo Korean dude, who was doing these awful dances to us.  Yes, to us....NOT with us.
Julie found a "friend", Max, who is 20 years younger than she is.  He really liked her and apparently wanted her to be a big-time Cougar.  He even asked her for her phone number.  When she said that she didn't have her phone yet, he gave her his number and made her promise not to throw it away.  LOL!
He would NOT let her go!  
Giving her his number
 Saturday was a great day!  I hope to have many more just as great.

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