Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sing, dance, smile, laugh

Teaching at my school is challenging, but there are two girls, Seora and Mina, that I just love working with.  They make me smile every time with their excitement to sing, dance, and play the musical instruments.  They are in my H1 class, which means High School 1 (1st year).  It would be like our 9th or 10th grade.  There are other students in that class, but my co-teacher has me working with Mina and Seora only because they love my singing and activities so much.  That is just fine with me.

On Friday, I had had a couple of difficult classes.  My co-teacher splits each class into different groups according to their ability.  There is huge range of ability in each class, so it makes perfect sense.  The group of 4 students that I was working with.  Two students were visually impaired, and two students were completely blind.  This makes a little difficult since I can't rely on pictures or anything to rely on or base my lessons on.  I was supposed to be working on speaking with this group.  There was only problem.  They wouldn't speak.  I had to ask each question several times before I would get a response.  The questions were like, "What is your name?" and "What city do you live in?".  It was brutal.  The waiting was torture for me.  I'm not used to students who refuse to speak.  And then to make matters worse...they spoke to each other in Korean throughout the whole class.  It was 45 minutes of teacher torture.  It made me miss having my own classroom so much.  I was so frustrated and almost in tears.  I just don't know how to overcome that situation.  I've been teaching for 15 years and have pretty much felt in control or at least somewhat know what I was doing.  This class made me realize that I am truly in a different environment.  "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore."  No doubt about that!  I am praying for God to guide me in how to work with this class.  I'm also praying for patience!

So after my rough day on Friday, I was seriously ready for 4:30 to get there.  I was done.  But I had one more class, my class with Mina and Seora (that Friday, the other students weren't there since they were preparing for the upcoming school festival, so it was just myself, Mina, Seora, and their teacher helper).  They always walk into my class and are always happy to see me.  That completely warms my heart.  Anything I want them to do, Mina always answers with a "Yeth." "Do you want to sing and play the instruments?"  "Yeth."  Love her!  She is always so excited to learn and just loves it whenever she gets something right.  We do a big "yeah" and raise our hands in the air. She makes me smile!

Mina's favorite song I think has to be I'm a Little least that's the one where she does her special little dance that makes me laugh every single time.  I find myself having us sing that song just to see her do her dance, which is a version of the Saturday Night Fever dance.  She only does it at the end of the song when you sing, "Tip me over and pour me out."
Mina doing her special dance

After the first time singing I'm a Little Teapot, she started being really dramatic and would fall to the floor at the end every single time.  She makes me smile!
Mina did not like that Seora wasn't participating in the motions, so she would stand right in front of her.  Seora still didn't participate, so....
She actually took Seora's hand and told her what to do.  Seora does not look enthused.  But Mina sure does!
Happy girl!

Here is the girls' helper teacher that comes to class with them.  We both get a lot of enjoyment watching the girls get excited.  She helps out with the musical instruments and plays them while the girls sing, dance, and do the motions.

And even more dancing, singing, and now jumping!

I look forward to seeing them.  I get to work with them 3 days a week.  However, Seora still comes to visit me often in between classes.  There are 10 minutes between each class, and I often have a student or two come to visit me, with several of the students not even my students.  They just want to talk to me in English.  I enjoy talking to them, so that's perfectly OK with me.

I sure am glad that I love to sing, I know a lot of children's songs, and I know how to keep a beat in music.  I'll be on the lookout for more songs!

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