Friday, September 6, 2013

Photos website

I have created a SmugMug site in which I have uploaded all of my photos.  It takes a while, so I only have 2 folders so far.  I will be updating it as much as possible.

Here is the link! Enjoy!

Here are a couple of pictures from the other day around town.
How adorable is that? And yes, that is a couch she is sitting on by the side of the road.
Traffic signs here are encouraged but not enforced.  You can make a U-turn basically wherever you a stop light, in the middle of the street.  Oh the light is red?  That's OK.  Turn left anyway.  We were in a taxi (I was in the front seat) when they yoo-hoo (yes, I made up the word) decides to turn left across all this traffic.  Now, can you see the big van he is trying to turn behind?  He has no vision as to who or what is coming.  But he does it anyway!  Our taxi driver was hilarious.  He was just talking to himself and everyone around him, even people in the other cars.  And then I've had other taxi drivers that are very polite and quiet and never say a word.

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