Monday, September 2, 2013

Party like it's 1999

Saturday night was the welcome party for new Daejonites.  Melissa, Chris (her friend from back home), Julie, and I went together.  It was in Dunsan-dong, the bar and club district.  In Dunsan-dong, there are the fancy shops and restaurants and the Galleria where all the rich people go.  This is where we got off. We were meeting Chris' friend at the Galleria.

Then we walked to "meat" of Dunsan-dong, where all the bars and clubs are.  This place was like Times Square on speed.  Bright lights, tons of people, and things coming at you from every almost didn't know where to look because there was so much to look at.

And it got even crazier....

It was around 7:30pm at this time, and it was pretty tame.  Just wait until you see the pictures that I took around 12:00-1:00am!  We met at the Mexican Cantina.  The place is run by a guy from East LA, and I was pretty excited to see what the best Mexican food in Daejeon would taste like.  Now it was no Tex-Mex, but it was actually pretty good.  I ordered a strawberry margarita and a chicken burrito.  The burrito tasted like something you would get at Chili's.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was SO good to see all my friends from least the ones who are placed in Daejeon.  It's hard leaving the bubble of orientation and being thrown into your new city all alone, not knowing anything or anyone.  It's a little alarming and scary and terrifying and overwhelming.  It turns out everyone felt this way.  I said that there should be a lecture at EPIK orientation called, "I'm all alone and I'm about to cry."  Everyone said that they would have totally like that lecture.  So EPIK, you got that for next time?  I also met several new friends, including some of Rachel's friends (Rachel was the girl who I replaced).  It was weird to meet a new guy, and he says, "I've been in your apartment".  Uh, OK.  Haha.

My margarita was really, really, really good....and I don't usually like margaritas all that much
With Melissa
With Julie
See? Partying like it's 1999 
Some of the girls

With Patrick.  Boy, he's tall.  Or I'm short.  Or both.
Rachel and Patrick
With Rachel
With James
With Jason
With Ryan....we look like Violet Boureguard when she becomes a blueberry.  Must have been the funky lights.
Melissa, Julie, and I left a little after midnight.  The music at the Cantina was SO loud that you had to scream to talk to anyone.  Our voices were all hoarse.  We walked around a bit and then stopped at a coffee shop for some dessert.  I got THE BEST DESSERT ever!  This thing was SO good.  It had flavored shaved ice, berries, and ice cream.  I took one bite and just about flipped out.  Wow.
And yes, it was huge.  And did I mention amazing?

We walked around just mesmerized by everything going on.  This was when everything was crazy.  Talk about great people watching!

We weren't really sure what was with all the advertisement papers on the ground, but we guessed that was how they advertised.  A little strange...

Oh goodness, check out those guys' outfits!

Many of the ladies had on these funky high heels.  Shoes are big here in Korea.  Good thing I'm a size 7 so I can wear them!  And I only brought 5 pairs of shoes, so there's plenty of room for more!

We went into this little corner store and saw the cutest stuff.  Koreans are REALLY into socks and phone covers.  I've never seen so many phone covers to choose from.  And their phones are HUGE!  They are almost like mini-laptops.
Phone covers galore...
And even more....
Aren't their socks cute?
Well Hello Kitty!

All in all, it was a fantastic night!  We are heading out to Dunsan-dong again this Saturday night to go to the big Daejeon International Social Party.  There are many of us EPIK teachers going, and I can't wait!

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