Sunday, September 1, 2013

Laundry, the subway, and EMart ....oh my!

I slept late yesterday, and oh it felt so good.  I didn't get up until 9:30am.  Thank goodness for my eye mask because the sun shines bright at 6:00am here and will totally wake you up and make you bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

I finally tackled the Korean washing machine yesterday.  Go me!  Kudos to Rachel, the teacher I replaced, for leaving excellent directions on how to operate it.  As you can see, it's all in Korean.  I am still working on my Korean letters.  I have been working on getting my apartment all set up.  Pictures are coming soon.  I promise!  I'm waiting on my shipment from The Arrival Store to come with my bedding, toaster oven, and other goodies.  If you are moving to South Korea, I highly recommend them.   Yes, you could go out and purchase everything yourself, but it sure is nice not having to do that.  There are no dryers in Korea.  I don't think anyone has one.  So you will see a lot of laundry drying.  Walking down the street, I saw a drying rack full of towels outside of a beauty salon.
Here is my washing machine and laundry room:

My drying rack

Yeah for clean clothes!  Now I feel like I'm truly living here.  It's weird how doing laundry will make you feel that.

In the afternoon, my friend, Julie, and I walked to the subway station which is about a 15-minute walk away from my apartment.  We were meeting Melissa and her friend Chris and going to EMart (like a big Walmart) to go shopping.  Chris is a friend of Melissa's from back home in Canada, and he has taught and lived here for a year so offered to help us out.  The three of us needed to get a router and other things.  We were all super excited to go to EMart.  It's amazing how many new things you experience every single day when you move to a foreign country.  I LOVE IT!

Here are some pictures along our walk to the subway station:

There are planters on the lamp posts
And planters on the median
So far the ugliest building in Daejeon

And here we are at the subway station!  The nearest subway station near my apartment is Panam Station.  There is only one line for the subway in Daejeon.  It's pretty easy since Panam is THE last stop.  It's about 7-8 stops to get to the city center where "Times Square" is and all the areas with the big "foreigner" spots.

Yes, that's 4 flights of stairs down....and then 4 flights of stairs up when you leave the station.  I WILL be fit at the end of this year, that's FOR SURE!  Walking, walking, walking, and several flights of stairs every single day?

Now, on to EMart.
There it is off in the distance
Julie and Melissa
I thought my Walmart was busy.  Ha!  That was nothing compared to this place on a Saturday afternoon, especially on the food floor!  Here are the pictures to prove it...

We were hungry so we went straight to the food court and guessed it....McDonald's!  It. Was. Awesome.  The french fries were hot straight out of the fryer.  My appetite has gone down, and I couldn't even finish it.  I suppose that's a good thing.  They also had a Popeye's up in the food court.

Oh the golden arches....they make me happy

And now shopping....
In Korea, no one has an oven like we have back in the states.  So here are the type of ovens that you can get. 
Koreans LOVE Spam.  Like LOVE it so much that they want to marry it.  Here are some lovely Spam gift sets that you can buy.  That's a lot of Spam.
It is traditional to give gifts to your principal, vice principal, and co-teachers when you first meet them (I gave a small gift) and then a bigger gift when you get your first paycheck.  This would be an appropriate gift to give.  50,000 won equals $50.  Converting won to dollars to super easy since 1,000 won equals $1.
How adorable is she?  
Now, we are on the way back to the subway station to drop off all our purchases before heading out to the big party tonight.  Chris totally hooked up my router and set up a password, so now I have wifi in my apartment and will be able to call you and not have to go to a coffee shop with wifi.  Yeah!  I can sit on my "couch" aka guest bed and catch up on Facebook and my blog.  Love it!
In the subway station....yes, they do have a TGI Fridays here
Going back up the 4 flights of stairs....boy, were the quads burning 

See the mountain?  I LOVE my city!
You have to go through this tunnel on the way to my apartment from the station

After a day of shopping and running around town, we met up with other fellow Daejeonites downtown to welcome all of us new EPIK teachers.  I will share all those pictures in the next post.  Gives you something to look forward to...


  1. I am enjoying following your blog. Very cool stuff!

  2. Wow! If I ever planned to leave America, I would so have to take you with me, you seem to fit in so easily! Heading out to start shopping for you today, ask any American you find if a priority mail box can be used for my shipping or if I will need a regular box... which I also have! Email me to let me know!