Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Italian food in Korea?

I forgot to show you my present I received from the school to celebrate the school's 60th birthday.  Yep, they got ME a present!  I've never received a present to celebrate someone else's birthday.  Have you?

Some friends told us about this little Italian restaurant in our neighborhood, so the girls and I decided that we had to try it out.  It was SO good.  No free bread or salad like at The Olive Garden, but it didn't matter.  And....there were real utensils!  A fork AND a spoon!
Utensils!  A fork AND a spoon.  Woo-hoo!
Hi Julie! 
With Jenny.  Showing my maroon pride.
Every single girl was on their cell phone at lunch. 
Julie eating her little baby octopus.  Yuck.
Yep, it was sure good!
I am: about to go to Expo Park
I feel: sleepy even though I had a full night's sleep
I hear: Belinda Carlisle on my iPod, my neighbors talking loudly outside
I love: taking pictures of new things

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  1. We had Italian food twice in Taiwan. The first time was WEIRD! The spaghetti had pineapple all over the top. The second time was super good. And there was CHEESE! I don't know what it's like in S. Korea, but there was very little dairy and almost no cheese to be found in Taiwan. I was only there 10 days each time, and I missed it. I don't know if I could go a whole year without cheese!