Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Excellent day at Expo Park

After a long walk, we finally made it to Expo Park.  It used to be a pretty popular amusement park in Daejeon, but a woman was killed on one of the rides last year, so now only a couple of buildings are open.  I have heard that someone bought it and are working on building it up again.  I hope so.  I love amusement parks.

Here are some pictures of the Expo Park area, including the famous Expo Bridge.

I had heard that this amusement park was abandoned, but when we got there, the ticket booth was open.  It was only 7,000 won, or $7, to get in.  There weren't many people there at all, so it was pretty nice just to be able to walk around and explore.

As you can see, NOT crowded at all!

 It was definitely a family-friendly park.  They had many activities geared towards kids, including arts and crafts and playing with musical instruments.  They also had several areas just for kids, which didn't make us too happy because we wanted to check them out.

The park itself had some really cool parts, like this waterfall.

Body World was one of those kids-only places.  Boo.  Jenny and I both wanted to go inside.

The little yellow guy alien and the little pink girl alien are the mascots I guess you could say for Expo Park.  Their names are Kumdori and Kumsuni, and officially they are space-elves and the official mascot for the 1993 Expo in Daejeon.  I think they are quite cute.

So walking along, we come across these giant bugs.  It made me feel like I was in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids".  They were pretty creepy looking.

But of course, they made a perfect excuse for funny pictures!

Because Expo Park is focused on science and technology, they had statues dedicated to famous scientists.  Can you guess who they are?

The imax theater was one of the few buildings that was open, so we totally had to go there.

I saw how you got into the building, but no one was there.  The lady at the ticket counter had circled this building as open (she only circled 3 buildings), but as we got there, it was questionable.  So we walked down the winding ramp...where no else was around...only to get to the bottom and see a worker holding the door open for us.  Yeah!  It's open!

Going up to the theater... let me tell you about this experience.  It was THE most memorable experience of the whole day.  We walk into the theater, and there is NO ONE there.  Seriously.  We are THE only people in the whole theater.  So we sit down, hoping there is at least air conditioner so we can chill for a bit.  Nope.  No air conditioning.  No fan.  No nothing.  The movie came on, and it was a Korean cartoon with weird little aliens, and it was all in Korean.   They were on a journey visiting different planets in their spaceship.  We started sweating.  And sweating.  So we rolled up our pants and began making up the dialogue to the cartoon.  We had an unexpected good time laughing as we made it up.  We even thought about leaving because it was SO hot, but we chose to stick it out.  This is a picture of the thermometer inside the was in Celsius, which is 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  That's hot.
After the movie, we walked through the building and found some interesting things like the exercise bikes below and some cool holographic pictures.
The architecture at this park was pretty cool.

It was SO hot that we would have jumped the fence if there had been actually been water in this water park.
The water park area and the children's playground
This area just screamed for some fun pictures!  Especially because there was no one around!

I had to take this picture of the helicopter for my mom.  She would have liked it.

Of course I chose the dog...

This park had a little bit of everything.  I'm sure this area was for the kids, but it didn't matter to us.  There were several animal statues here, some were better looking than others.

The children's tree house play area.  Does that look cool or what?  Yes, I totally would have played in it.

A worker was watching us and laughing as we took silly pictures, so he came over and joined us.  Love people like that who join in the fun!

Like I said, some are better than others.  This bear is looking quite sad.

The famous Tower of Great Light, which was built for the 1993 Taejon Expo (back then Daejeon was spelled Taejon).  The whole expo was centered around this tower, which was modeled after a Korean observatory where people could ride up and view the whole park from the top.  I took a lot of picture of the tower because I thought it was pretty awesome looking.  What do you think?

This was my idea!

Isn't the architecture in this park amazing?

Inside the tower...
Very cool statues made to look like people
At the top of the tower....this is the abandoned amusement park.

This just might be one of my favorite pictures from the day.  I saw it in my camera and got giddy.  Yes, I know I'm a weird photographer person.  And I'm OK with that.

They had pictures from opening day back in 1993.

This building reminded me of when you have to make a structure out of straws with only straws and tape.  Maybe it's one of those teacher things...

A little place for weddings and such...

And now the famous Expo Bridge!

Looking back at Expo Park.

LOVED the architecture of this bridge.  My camera was so happy!

You could rent a bike from Expo Park and ride it around the area.  Remember the pictures of those bikes from earlier?

Then we walked through the botanical garden area along the river on the other side of Expo Park.

Along walking/running paths, you will find little spots like this with exercise equipment.  Of course, Jenny and I had to test them out!

Just like Tony Little's Gazelle

Yes, they were having a picnic under the bridge.  Hey, they were out of the sun and in the shade!
We took a taxi back to City Hall subway station and found this little restaurant for lunch.  It was about 3:45 at this time, and we were both starving.  I had heard about this place on several blogs.  The burgers and fries were pretty good but more expensive and not as good as the burgers and fries at House Grill.

Do you see the chili cheese fries?  They were hot and spicy and had some Tabasco sauce mixed in.  Yum. 
All in all, it was an excellent day.  Loved hanging out with Jenny and loved Expo Park.  It was not a place I would pay to go to again, but I would definitely go to the park area again.  There were paddle boats that you could rent on the river, and I think that would be pretty cool.  Another day!

I am: sitting at my desk at school with the windows open behind me
I hear: my eclectic music being shuffled on my iPod...from Norah Jones to Lady Antebellum
I feel: pretty good since two of my classes were canceled today...they have all kinds of reasons here for cancelling classes - today it's because they are voting for the new school representative
I love: affirmations from God that I followed His lead and got out of the boat and stepped onto the water


  1. I enjoyed your day too. I tried to find where the city was but couldn't locate it. What larger city is it near? Arlene

  2. Arlene, Daejeon is the 5th largest city in Korea, and we are in the middle, about an hour south of Seoul on the train. There are mountains all around the city, and it's quite pretty.