Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Busy bee

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days.  Believe it or not, I've been a very busy bee and have had something every single night this week.  I'm not complaining!  I love having things to do, places to go, and friends to do them with.  God has placed some great friends in my life over here.

For my school's 60th birthday celebration, it was a 2-day affair, and my camera and iPhone got a huge work-out with photographs and videos.  I've uploaded all the videos to YouTube and edited them, which takes a very long time.  And I know that you can believe this....I took TONS of pictures.  I am one of those people that wants to remember everything.  I love blogging, but adding a lot of pictures takes time, so please be patient!  Unfortunately, you might have a wait a couple of days.  I'm meeting friends for Mexican food tonight, I have an overnight teacher's trip tomorrow night and all day Saturday, and a friend is spending the night on Saturday night.  Like I said....busy bee!

I did find a couple of pictures from the other night that I wanted to share.
Selling fruit and vegetables.  They are so expensive here since nothing grows in Korea.
On the bus going home with my co-teacher.  They were playing Chicago.  My co-teacher thought it was funny that I knew all the words and sang along.

Korean BBQ right in my neighborhood

My street at night.  See, it's well lit!

In Korea, a school's birthday is a big deal.  My school is celebrating its 60th birthday this year.  The 60th birthday is HUGE in Korea.  Classes were basically canceled for 2 days so that we could celebrate.  I've never experienced anything like this before, and it was an incredible experience.  I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Here are some Instagram pictures I took with my iPod from the big birthday celebration!  It was a blast! You will see MANY more later.  :)

At our cooking competition:
At the time, I had no idea what I was putting into my mouth.  It didn't smell all that great, and it didn't look all that great.  But when a man makes a beeline to where you're sitting, hands it to you, and waits and smiles at you until you eat it, you eat it!  I later found out that it's a medical flower root called insam.  Yep, it tasted like a lightly fried root. 
Yummy rice dish.  This was SO good.  I walked around taking pictures, people would hand me food asking me to try it.  So, I did!  "Oh, Angela.  Try this."  "Angela, eat this."
Really good spicy dish
My group's dish....curry.  Everything was good (except the root thing) and spicy.  The only problem was that there was no water or anything to drink.  So my mouth stayed on fire for a while.  Koreans don't drink with their meals, no water or anything.  I still take my fancy water bottle to lunch with me every day.  I HAVE to drink something with my meals.
People would bring you food from their group and just plop it right onto your food.  The dumpling thing was from another group, and it was so good. 
At Open House.  This is like NO Open House I have ever been to.  And it was THE best Open House I have ever been to.  I will explain everything later, but these are just a couple of pictures to keep you in suspense.

One last picture with one of my students, Eunji, who is in my Middle School 3 class (around 9th grade).

See you in a few days!  Be prepared for tons of photos!

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  1. Awesome post! the root you ate is Ginseng. It's delicious in tea and in small amounts, but maybe not as the entire root, hehe. As a flavoring it's very strong, but good!

    Also, a lot of the produce in the big supermarkets is expensive because they've been imported, but everything you see on the street is grown in Korea and is very cheap compared to back home. Those prices you see are for an entire bag/crate/bowl. It's definitely worth it to buy from the street farmers! ^___^

    Looks like an awesome open house--definitely a unique experience that most of us teachers have never had the honor of participating in. Can't wait to see pics from your overnight trip!

    -Dani from down the street