Thursday, September 26, 2013

Busan...the beginning

Some friends and I decided to go to Busan for Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving.  Busan is the 2nd largest city in Daejeon, and it's right on the ocean.  Right away we knew it was different from Daejeon because there was an older gentleman in the Busan subway system that had on a name tag which just said "English".  He was there to help the foreigners get where they needed to go.  That gave us a clue that Busan is more open to helping foreigners like us.  More people spoke English here as well.

This is us our Daejeon group right outside the subway station.  30 seconds before this picture was taken, there was a beautiful fountain of water in the background.

We were all hungry, so we went to Chinatown, which is right near the subway station, to find some lunch.  We settled on this Middle Eastern restaurant.  We were THE only females in the whole restaurant.  In the booth next to us, there were four men who would not stop staring at us.  One in particular kept looking at me like he wanted me on a plate or something.  Awkward!  Then they tried to talk to me, but I had no idea what they were saying.
Kali and Nicole - Nicole lives in Busan and met us at the subway station to hang out with us 
With Amanda
Chinatown was pretty awesome.  My camera loved all the pictures.  It made me miss China though.

ASoju ad - Gotta love a Suju-drinking frog!

Back at the subway station.  See the fountain?

To give you an idea comparing Daejeon to Busan.  Daejeon has ONE subway line, just ONE.  This is Busan's subway system.  Quite different, huh?

More on Busan in the next posts!  There's the beach, Haedong Yonggunsa Water Temple (or known as the temple on the water), and Beomeosa get ready!

I am: sitting at my desk at school, wishing I could go home and take a nap
I hear: drums being played in the background by the students
I feel: blessed
I love: giving and receiving gifts - I love that Korea honors this and loves it as well.

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  1. Hey Angela! It was actually an Uzbek restaurant, so more Caucasian than Middle Eastern. :)