Saturday, September 28, 2013

Busan...Haedong Yonggungsa Water Temple

After chilling on the beach for a bit, a group of us decided to go to the famous water temple in Busan...Haedong Yonggungsa Water Temple.  We caught a bus and grabbed on for dear life as it wound around the curves and up the hill.  Riding the bus, especially a crowded bus, in Korea is an experience, especially when the bus driver starts and stops quickly and not in a smooth way.

After our bus stop, we had to walk up a hill to get to the temple.  The sun was peeking through the trees, and it was beautiful.

Check out the lovely Korean fashion.  Anything goes with anything.

Walking through the food and souvenir section to get to the temple.

We were there at sunset, perfect time to see the temple.

Look closely and you will see little villages of people in the rock.  I think people left them there.  You would see them in the rocks and greenery.

Sorry for the abundance of photographs, but you know me...I LOVE taking pictures!  And then sharing them with you, of course.

With Nicole and Angelica.  Angelica was my roommate at orientation, and Nicole was in the room right next to us.
We got to see the Chuseok moon come up.  You are supposed to make a wish on the Chuseok moon.  I did, but I'm not telling you what it is.  Sorry!

The lovely toilet...although I was glad to see a Western toilet, I was not glad to see that it led to a big hole where you could see everything.  Reminded me of China and Russia.

SOOOOO many stairs...everywhere...

The group!  We are all EPIK teachers who met at Orientation, and we are from different areas in Korea, so it was really cool to meet up and hang out together in Busan.  We didn't even plan it either!

I'm the year of the Ox, so I had to get a picture with the Ox.

Big place for souvenirs.

After the temple, we headed back to Haeundae Beach and found a spot for dinner.  Four of us piled into a taxi.  I was lucky and got to ride in the front seat.

When we come out of our station at the subway, we kept smelling something that smelled just like hot cookies out of the oven.  We HAD to find what it was.  Angelica I got them for only 2,000 won, and they were these hot little doughy cream puff things.  Very good, but not anything like a cookie.  Darn.

It's beautiful at night.  And, boy, does it come alive at night!

Our Mexican restaurant that was recommended to us.

Right outside our restaurant, this little dog was just hanging out.  We didn't know if the dog "belonged" to the restaurant or what, but he was SO cute.  He just loved being petted and getting loved on.

I ordered the chicken burrito.  Although it was NO Tex-Mex, it was very good...even with all the cabbage!  They automatically think cabbage when they hear Mexican food over here in Korea.  I have no earthly idea why.  I've never had cabbage when I went to Uncle Julio's, Don Pablo's, or even El Chico.  Those funny Koreans...

Amanda ordered French fries, and I just had to try one to see if they met my standards.  I am a French fry connoisseur - I KNOW my French fries.  These were good.  Really good.  So I had to order some for myself!

I got a message that the group was hanging out on the rooftop the girls' hostel.  It was a pretty cool set-up and quite incredible to be on the rooftop looking down at the city below.

I wanted to be by myself for a bit, so I left the group early and took a walk along the beach, listening to music and talking to God.  It was good for me and much needed.

This guy....oh, he was absolutely awful with a capital A.  There were no words to describe how awful he was.  Out of tune and everything.  But if you have a microphone, an amp, and some speakers, I guess anyone can star in their own little concert on the beach.

I stopped and listened to this group for several songs.  They were really good.

During the music, this little girl just danced and danced to the amusement of her family and everyone around her.  She was so cute!

The "rainbow" night, they turned on the lights to this sculpture, and it's  absolutely beautiful.  I just stood there there for several minutes watching it.  Of course, I had to take a picture of each color.