Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busan...Beomeosa Temple

At breakfast on Friday morning, the Texas Rangers baseball game was playing on the TV.  Aw....Texas.  

Jenny and I walked to the beach to meet our group.  I LOVED walking along the beach, especially early in the day when hardly any people were around.

Our big group decided to go see the water temple.  Originally, we had thought that it was a different temple than the one we had seen the night before.  Wrong!  It was the same temple.  So Amanda, Kali, and I just decided to walk around and explore the city.  Not 5 minutes into our walk, we ran into four girls from EPIK that we had met at orientation.  "It's a small world after all..."  They recommended to us to go to this other temple that was a bit of a hike.  They went and said it was pretty nice.  And it just so happens to be in the Top 5 temples of Korea.  So we said why not?

We took a taxi to the temple, and this was the ceiling of the taxi.  Wrong decade, right?

We were told to take the cable car up and then hike down.  We never found the cable car at the bottom or even the top, so we ended up hiking it all.

This beggar was at the bottom of the statues.

In order to go inside any of the temples, you have to take your shoes off.

Are the colors amazing or what?

It is a working temple, so there were several places that we could not go.  You can do a temple stay overnight here with the monks.  That might be cool.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!  I just love the temples here because they are so vibrant with color.  My camera just loves them.

I am: relaxing on my couch aka second bed in my pajamas
I feel: blessed after meeting new friends at church today
I hear: my "hymns with a modern twist" station on Pandora
I love: meeting new friends, especially ones from Texas!

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