Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Orientation day 2

At our orientation, we are split up into 7 groups.  I am in Group 2.  Our schedule revolves around our groups.

We had our medical check up this morning.  My group was scheduled at 7:30.  Boy howdy!  I seriously felt like I was at Ellis Island, being herded from station to station, and waiting a lot during each station, especially the blood test station.  These were the stations: height and weight, hearing, vision, blood pressure, blood test, urine test, and chest x-ray.  We had to fast beforehand and were given a snack after the blood test and before the urine test.  One girl passed out.  And all the writing on our charts was in Korean, so we don't even know what they wrote.  We have to pass our medical check up in order to be officially accepted into the EPIK program.
Our medical check up

Waiting with Lauren

The x-ray bus...yes, we had our chest x-rays on the bus

After that we had some free time until lunch.  I went with some friends to the Coffee Bene shop across the street where I learned that they have awesome wifi.  Woo-hoo for that!  Since I didn't eat much for breakfast, I got a snack at the coffee shop.  I got something called honey bread.  Oh my goodness.  It was amazing and SO big.  It was like 4 slices of bread, crispy on the outside and warm on the inside, then covered in cinnamon and caramel and topped with tons of whipped cream.  Everyone was oogling it.  I ended up sharing it with 2 friends because it was so big.
I will let you drool over the yummy honey bread.

After lunch, we had our very first class.  My group had Tae Kwon Do for the first class.  Leave it to me to have drama beforehand.  I was walking out of the dorm to our class when I ran into Jeffrey from my class.  He said the tae kwon do class was in the gym according to our schedule.  So we trekked across the campus, up and down stairs, up and down hills, through the hot sun, sweating all the way.  We get to the gym and cannot find our class.  We went up and down the stairs and all around the building.  Not  there.  By this time, we were late.  And you are NOT supposed to be late to your classes.  So we decide to go to the main building where we have our classes, and there is our class.  We were only 10 minutes late.  Tae kwon do was fun but oh so hot.  We were all in the gym classroom with NO air conditioning, sweating our tushies off.  Did you read?  NO air conditioning.  NO fans.  NO nothing.  We were all dripping with sweat.  However, I did discover that it reminded me a lot of kickboxing and made me want to take some classes while I'm living here.
During tae kwon do class
With Katie and 2 of our tae kwon do teachers

After our tae kwon do class, we had 2 more classes.  Mind you, neither of these classes had air conditioning.  We all continued to sweat, and my shirt and hair remained wet the rest of the day.  Oh what fun.  Our two classes today were Korean culture and power point.  The power point class was really good.  It was taught by a guy from Wisconsin who has taught here for 4 years.  I learned some cool stuff to do with power point that I had never learned before.

Then we had dinner.  My appetite here hasn't been very big.  I hope that continues and the weight drops off so I can fit into cute Korean clothes.  Their body frames are SO much smaller than Americans.

After dinner, we had our first Korean language class.  I didn't know any Korean, so I am in the Level 1 class where we learned introductions and such.  We also learned how to gangnum style although I had done it before.  You gotta know that to teach in Korea, right?  The Korean language is not rolling off my tongue, so I will be practicing it through websites and apps that friends have passed on when they learned it.  My goal is to be able to speak it and at least read it enough to feel comfortable living here.

If you're wondering what the campus and dorm room looks like, here are some pictures for you.
My bed; my roommate in our room; the bathroom (see the shower head? That's our whole shower)
Here is the view from our window.

And here are the main buildings for our classes.

I'm leaving you tonight with 2 popular Korean videos.  The first one of course is Gangnam Style.  Enjoy!

And you have to watch this video!  Our EPIK staff did a spoof on this video and it was hilarious.  Now, I'm a fan of Crayon Pop.  It's so much fun!  Enjoy dancing to the beat!

Until tomorrow....


  1. Wow...those medical exams can be quite a chore as I've been through many of those in my days in the Army. I love the pictures too. Your journey has just begun and look forward to your next blog.