Saturday, August 17, 2013

My last post from America

Well...this is it!  This is my last post from America.  My next blog post will be from South Korea!  Big happy dance!  I seriously cannot believe I get on a plane tomorrow, fly 14 hours and 20 minutes, and arrive in my new home for the next year.

So many things I had to check off my list:

  • Call AT&T and unlock my phone and suspend my service
  • Charge all my technology goodies
  • Get all my prescriptions
  • Pack the suitcases
  • Watch pre-orientation videos (17 hours worth) on developmental psychology, teaching practices, and the history of Korea; then take a 100 question test on everything I learned and print out the certificate
  • Print pictures to take with me and decorate my apartment
  • Turn in my demo car that Sewell Subaru let me borrow
  • Many, many more - It's not like I'm moving to Oregon where I know I can find a Walmart to buy things I forgot to pack!

I have also created a SmugMug photo site where I will be uploading all of my pictures if you want to check out more than what I include on my blog.  I will share that link as soon as I take some pictures!

Many of you have asked what I will do when I get there.  EPIK has a booth at the airport where we check in, and they will transport us to Jeonju University, where we will have orientation until  August 27th.  At our orientation, we will learn the basics of teaching (that will be interesting), Korean customs, and how to speak some Korean.  I will also get to meet many of the other teachers who are placed around South Korea.  After orientation, I will meet my co-teachers, go to my school, and then go to my new apartment.  And yes, don't worry, I will totally post a video of my new apartment.  However, I will have to clean it and decorate it first.  You know me....I have to decorate it and make it look homey before I want anyone to see it.  Can't wait to see where I will be living for a year!

I will leave you with one last family picture.  Here are my loves...

Until next time...when I'm on the other side of the world...


  1. Beautiful Picture! Goodluck and Godspeed!
    Debbie D

  2. You are beautiful, inside and out. Praying for you, and your future students. I know you will move mountains.

  3. The Lord bless and keep you. The Lors make His face to shine on you! Hope you have a beautiful journey & safe travels. Will be praying foe you and your students. -Rachel LaMonica Pellegrino